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11 February 2020

Surprisingly (to me) my mother was awake when I got to Eldervilla today.  It has been so long that I have been able to find her not napping that I just kind of expect it now.

Sandy said she was "arranging things" and that she likes to arrange the things on her dresser...which is not surprising.

Sandy said "Millie--look who is here..." and my mother looked up without the slightest hint of recognition on her face and started "reading" a photo album I'd made for her -- the one about her move to Davis.

It's a 20 page book, 10 sheets of paper, and she read the book continually for an hour.

The color on the pages seemed to confuse her and she was sure that each page was two pages stuck together so every time she went to turn a page, she spent several minutes trying to separate the two pages from each other.

I told her several times that there were no pages stuck together, but she didn't even know I was talking

There is one paragraph in the book and each time she came to that page she read it aloud.  But she read like a little kid just learning to read, one finger on each word as she moved across a line.  She got some words right, but most of them she didn't (and she read it wrong each time she read it).  Lunch has a "ch" in it, so it became "church."  Any word that started with a C was California.  I think the only word she got consistently right was "Scott." She read like a child would, reading words but without any comprehension of meaning to them.

But she read the paragraph over and over and over.  Dozens of times.  She had no idea I was in the room.  Sandy came it at some point with a sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk for her lunch.  He said half of the sandwich was for me.

I tried to encourage her to eat, but she would just take the plate and put it aside.  Sandy says she eats a big breakfast, but a small lunch and small dinner, though after I got home again, he texted me a picture showing her eating the lunch I'd left behind.

After an hour I decided I might as well go home.  I gathered up my things and told her I was leaving, but she didn't know I was there, let alone that I was leaving.  I kissed the top of her head because she was busy reading the paragraph again.

But I've visited.  I've been feeling guilty because of watching the impeachment and hadn't seen her in about 3 weeks.  But she obviously doesn't know -- or care.  But I need to check in regularly anyway.  And it was nice that she was awake.

Ned has returned from Santa Barbara.  He was there from Thursday night to Monday morning (took the train down and back) so had 3 full days with the girls, which I'm sure was plenty.  Lacie has such a hard time saying goodbye to him that he spent the last night at Alice Nan's house so he didn't have to go through the tearful "good byes" and try to catch a train on the same day.

I have to admit that I was very happy to see him back. I missed him.  So did Bouncer, and it was really nice seeing how excited Polly was to see him again.


Ned and the girls on the beach

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