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10 February 2020

There is a problem with binge watching something to "catch up" to the current viewing. You get so caught up in the world that when you are finally caught up...you realize you now have to watch the show, once a week, like everybody else.

So having watched the last broadcast episode of Schitt's Creek at 3 a.m. this morning I am in semi-mourning because it will be several days before I can see the next episode.

I'm so glad Jeri, not a TV watcher, encouraged me to continue watching this show.  I was not taken in by the first couple of episodes and though I have enjoyed Eugene Levy & Catherine O'Hara in their Christopher Guest movies I decided not to watch it.  However,  Jeri encouraged me and it has evolved into a story that has been just wonderful.  I loved this description by The Daily Beast:

The striking thing about Schitt’s Creek is in how writing this quick and smart and performances as finely calibrated as these exist on a show without cynicism, crudeness, glibness, or the kind of tortured darkness that has come to define what we consider “great” comedy. It’s masterful comedy that exists in a happy world.

That’s both a profound level—there’s no bigotry or any “thing” at all, really, in relation to David and Patrick’s relationship
[gay couple] —and a more micro one. The characters are never cruel, and the comedy never mean. More, this world isn’t as much utopian as it is tantalizingly close to one we could have, if we could get over ourselves enough to have it.

I will be sad when the series comes to an end in 6 or so weeks.

We went to see the Lamplighters Princess Ida in Walnut Creek in the afternoon.  As musical director Baker Peoples said after the show, "It holds up pretty well for a production that is 30 years old!"  Ida is not my favorite G&S but I remember this production, which we took to an Int'l G&S festival and won all the big awards.  There was only one person I know well in this production now...all the kids are taking over and us old timers are getting grey and sitting in the house watching it!  But still, Lamplighters are Lamplighters and it was a nice afternoon.  Char brought two friends and I hope they enjoyed themselves.  They seemed to be having a good time.  The crowd after the show was so oppressive that we got lost and never did say goodbye.

The show was over at 5:30, the time the Oscars was scheduled to start, but I had set it to record, so I was able to see it.  Walt went out and got a Panda Express dinner and I didn't move from the  TV.

So glad Renee Zellweger won for Judy -- and so glad I broke down and saw the movie before the Oscars.  Ironic that Judy Garland never won an Oscar (and didn't live long enough to get a life achievement award like Cary Grant or Kirk Douglas), but now a young actress has received an Oscar for playing Judy Garland.

It turns out I accidentally saw many of the nominated films -- Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Judy, Joker, Marriage Story, and The Irishman (all but one on DVD)I am now sorry that I didn't push to see Parasite when it was in town last week.

But another Oscars broadcast is in the bag and it's on to movies of 2020.  Brad Pitt opened the show with the first win of the night and pointed out that he had 45 seconds to speak and said "that's 45 seconds longer than they gave John Bolton."


Settled in to watch the Oscars with Panda Express
(and the chopsticks we bought in China)

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