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8 February 2020


Two Divided by Love (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? You can hear it here.




1) Sam's teacher told her she'd use math every day. What's the last math problem you solved? (Did you add to/subtract from the balance of your checkbook ... use division to figure out how much you'd save with 25% off that sweater ...)

It appears the only math I use regularly is to subtract 2020 from whatever year I'm thinking of to find out how old I am.  (I need to use pencil and paper for it, I'm that bad in math)

2) The lyrics tell us that if you take away the rain from a flower, the flower just won't grow. Do you have any indoor houseplants? Could they use a drink of water this morning?

At one time I had a lot of plants, but I have a brown thumb and eventually they all died.  Now we have several plants, from Ned and Marta -- but they are all artificial.  I can kept THOSE alive.

3) This week's artists, The Grass Roots, are introduced in this video by country music superstar Kenny Rogers. Who is your favorite country music singer?

I enjoy country music, but don't really know any musicians well enough to have a favorite.  If I have to choose one, though, it would probably be Tricia Yearwood -- because I like to watch her cooking show on The Food Network!

4) The two unmarried members of the group -- guitarist Warren Entner and drummer Ricky Coonce -- competed for a lady's affection on a 1968 episode of The Dating Game. Neither of them won! She chose Bachelor #1. Anyway, have you ever appeared on a game show? Do you know anyone who has?

I have not appeared on a game show, but I know at last two people who appeared on Jeopardy.  One didn't win, the other, I think, won one game. 

I also knew someone who was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

5) The Grass Roots were originally called The 13th Floor. They chose this cheeky name because many high rises do not have a 13th floor since 13 is considered an unlucky number, and they were thumbing their noses at superstition. Are you superstitious?

I am so UNsuperstitious that I deliberately walk under ladders and let black cats cross my path.  Although I did get upset with my sister-in-law for saying, in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, that the 49ers were looking good.  And I was right--they lost.

6) At the time of his death in 2011, group leader Rob Grill was still playing music, touring with a reconfigured Grass Roots. His widow Nancy referred to him as "one lucky son of a gun" because he'd been able to support himself as a musician, doing what he loved for 45 years. In what ways do you consider yourself fortunate?

Oh so many ways!  I have a wonderful family, live in a nice small city, have had a lot of wonderful memorable events in my life, have no serious medical problems, etc.

7) In 1971, the year this song was released, Walt Disney World opened in Florida. The Epcot Center was added in 1982. Have you ever visited this, or any, Disney theme park?

I have been to Disneyland several times.  We took each of our kids when they turned 4-5, so we could have a trip one on one with them.  We took most of our foreign students to Disneyland (including one absolutely horrible trip with a Brasilian student).  The last time I went was to take Peggy in 2000. In fact, if I never go back to Disneyland again, I will be a happy person.

8) Fresh chicken was just 43¢/lb. in 1971. Do you prefer the breast or drumstick?

Well, not drumstick, but thigh.  I prefer dark meat.  Breast tends to be too dry for me.

9) Random question: Do you work well under pressure?

Not sure about now, but in the days when I had deadlines, I always worked better under pressure.  If you want me to do a job, don't give me 3 months to do it in, tell me you need it tomorrow...or in a couple of hours.


My  ATM card was rejected, so I had to go to the bank.
I think I haven't been inside a bank in several years.
(turns out the card had expired and they never sent me a replacement

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