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6 February 2020

One of these days when I go to Fenton's, I'm going to pretend I'm not fat and will order something decadent like this.  This is the Sundae of the Month, called Cupid's delight and this is how it is described:  Raspberry swirl ice cream, Dark chocolate swirl ice cream, raspberry topping, hot fudge and chocolate, whipped cream, diced almonds and a cherry.  finished with a housemade heart-shaped sugar cookie.

Probably more calories than the daily allowance!

But doesn't it look yummy?  This and a bunch of other similarly decadent sundaes and banana splits  are on display as you enter the restaurant.

However, I stuck to my usual crab sandwich and vanilla malt.

I was not having lunch with Char this time.  I was meeting my friend Joyce.  Joyce and I went to high school together and the last time we saw each other was befire David died (in 1996).  But our mutual friend Anne died last year. 

Joyce, Anne and I (and another friend, Marge) stay in contact at Christmas time, but just never got around to getting together.  I don't know when Joyce last saw her, but I hadn't seen her since she graduated nursing school, married and moved to Southern California with her actor-husband, who sent me a note at Christmas when my letter to her arrived.

I guess Anne's death shook us up and Joyce and I decided we should have lunch.

How lovely it was.  The years melted away and it was as if we just saw each other last week. We sat and chatted over our sandwiches for about two hours.  I think we will do it again, sooner than 20 years.

We were so busy catching up that I didn't even think to take a picture of my crab sandwich until it was gone.

Sadly, after all the weeks of watching the impeachment, I missed the final day.  I missed Romney's emotional explanation of why he had chosen to vote guilty.  I never was a fan of Romney and probably am not now, but I am impressed that he, out of all of the Republican senators, actually did abide by the vow he made to listen impartially and vote accordingly.  Now he's being called a traitor.



Ned is on the train to Santa Barbara to spend the weekend with the girls.
Lacie is all ready for him.

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