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5 February 2020







There are lots of bad things you can (and do) say about the world of social media, but there are good things too.

Our "family  watching" of the Super Bowl the other night, when we could chat with each other, though we were in five different places across the country is one of them.

The other is streaming video.

I am so happy that Berklee College of Music streams its concerts.

Jeri and her friend David McGrory (pianist) have put on a concert every year for the past 7? years, of music they have written, as well as other music. 

And the best thing is that Berklee streams it, so family out here on the west coast can watch it (and if you miss it, it is also archived, so you can see it later)

This year it was all original music and I was very angry with myself that I actually forgot that it was on.  Ned and I were sitting here chatting when Walt came through the front door in a rush asking if he had missed it.

We turned it on but only saw the last 30 minutes.  Then I found the archive and watched it this morning.

I'm so glad that it was archived.  I would hate to have missed the first half, which I really liked.  She had a piece called "A Walk in the Woods," which was inspired by her daily walks in the woods with their dog.  It was in 3 movements.  The second movement was about all the frogs they see thru the year and the  third movement was inspired  by Lester, the dog.  Really nice.

This concert used all of Jeri's instruments -- clarinet, sax, baritone sax and flute.  She got smart this time and decided to sit rather than stand for an hour manipulating heavy instruments.

The last song she did was "Waltz for Lacie," which uses all of her instruments.  She played that last year. 

The bottom picture was Jeri gesturing to Lacie that this was for her (though I'm sure Lacie wouldn't see it or appreciate it, but I really love it.



We skipped the State of the Union tonight.  I couldn't think of watching him go on forEVer about how wonderful everything is (at one point I turned it on, briefly, on mute and just the sight of him upset me).  I figured if he said anything important I'd see it in the news in the morning.

Instead, we watched The Fatal Glass of Beer.  It was much more enjoyable and nobody was angry by the end of it.

'tain't a fit night out for man nor beast



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