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4 February 2020

One thing everybody said after David died was what a great smile he had.

When I think about the last time I saw David, Walt and I were getting ready to go to New York with our friend Barb to see Jose Carreras in concert at Carnegie Hall.

Dave came in to the house with a friend.  He was wearing his black leather jacket.  We joked about all the videos I have, how I videotape everything.  I am still haunted by my telling David "You could be dead and I wouldn't notice because I have so many videos."  In retrospect it just seemed such a ... weird ... thing to say.

He gave me a big hug, wished me a Happy Mother's Day (he died May 18) and said he'd see me when we got home.

Two days later we were at a friend's apartment in New York when the call came from Ned, who was at the hospital.  Dave had been in an auto accident and was not expected to live.  A couple of hours later, I was talking on the phone to someone at the hospital, giving them permission to harvest David's organs.

"Harvest."  Such a brutal term.  But if part of David could live after his body, we wanted that to happen.  I don't know who got his heart, but we did get a note from one of the other organ recipients.

By the time our plane arrived in San Francisco, Dave was having his organs harvested.  We didn't see him.  Ned tells me that was a good thing.  My memories of Dave can be of his great smile, not his broken body.

Today Dave would have been 48 years old.  My "baby" nearly 50. 

Dave would have been immersed in the Super Bowl.  The older three are theater geeks and have passing interest in sports.  Tom and David were big sports fans and Dave would love that Brianna is so much into the 49ers (Lacie less so). 

The year that the 49ers won their first Super Bowl, I found some 49er roses for sale at a local nursery and bought two rose bushes, one for Tom and one for David.  The roses that grew were red and yellow.  They are still planted and they still bloom each year, but I don't think they are red and yellow any more.  But every time they bloom, I remember watching Tom and David sitting together on the couch cheering the game.

I missed him as we watched the game yesterday  and I will miss him as we have our "David sushi" tonight.

And I lied.  I have lots of video of David and Paul, but I still miss them every day.




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