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3 February 2020

I hoped, when I got the idea for this entry, that it would have ended happily, but then this happened....

...and there was no "happily ever after," but still it was a fun day.  In this era of social media, the whole family was able to watch the game together, though we are in 3 places in California, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

It started with Brianna and Lacie making a 49er cake.  I was so impressed with how good they were at making the fondant family watching a TV set.

Tom and Lacie got dressed to watch the game.

Alice Nan and Joe joined them to watch the game.

Norm and Olivia (in Petaluma) shared this photo

And as the game progressed, there was a long thread of comments from everybody, including a notes from cousin Ernie in Maryland, remembering a Super Bowl game he had watched when his daughter (now married with kids of her own) was a baby.  He was holding her in his arms and when someone made touch down, he said he almost spiked her on the ground in celebration.

When the 49ers made their last touchdown and it seemed like it was a done deal, Jeri and Phil in Boston shared this

and Olivia wrote "Things are lookin' good!"

At some point Ned, who was not interested in the game, put a dinner in front of Walt and me.  I hadn't even thought about food and was grateful that he had and had taken care of things.

When things started getting more tense, someone asked how Tom was doing and Laurel wrote that he was making "good luck garlic fries."  But apparently there wasn't enough garlic and in the end, they lost the game.

But it was so much fun feeling connected to everyone anyway.

This is the GOOD part of social media!


The girls made fondant Super Bowl viewers for a cake

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