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29 December 2020

The week between Christmas and the end of the year is kind of a 'nothing' week.  Especially during the pandemic. 

For me it's a "catch up" week.  The thing I'm mostly catching up on is sleep.  Ned and Marta are at Tahoe for the week and I am sleeping.  A lot.  Catching up on the hours of sleep I have been missing during the night.

Last night I went to the couch at 11:30 and woke up with a start, instantly wide awake, at  2:30.  Nothing unusual about that.  It's pretty much what I do every night.

I settled into the recliner and turned on the TV and fell back asleep within 10 minutes (I was watching the end of the show before Morning Joe and didn't see the start of Morning Joe). 

To my shock, It was 5 a.m. when I woke up.  So that's another 2 hours of sleep.  I turned on the local news at 5 and missed the start of The Today Show at 7.  I don't have any idea how long I slept.  I woke up in the middle of The  Today Show and missed the end of it.  I woke up next during Kelly and Ryan (I don't need a clock; I tell time by what's on TV).  I watched some of Kelly and Ryan, fell asleep again and it was 10:30 when I woke up, finally wide awake this time.

So I don't know how much time I slept last night, but it was longer than I have slept in a long time.

I periodically think about talking to my doctor about maybe getting some sort of sleeping pill, but I don't want to get accustomed to sleeping with pills and as long as I can catch up on days like today, I'm happy.

Yesterday I also caught up on letter writing.  For some reason during the week before Christmas I couldn't get into the letter writing mood so I have a bunch of letters to answer (and six pen pal letters arrived yesterday, along with three Compassion letters) 

It was interesting reading over the letters.  One, for example, berated me for spending so much time in the house.  She spent a long time talking about how she will wear masks in public, but she refuses to stay home and goes to restaurants and movie theaters and thinks I am crazy for staying at home.  The next letter was from someone who can't understand people who are angry about the rules regarding staying home and wearing masks.  It's interesting how different people's feelings are.

One letter difficult to answer is from someone who has terrible family problems.  Her children won't speak to her, her family won't come to visit her and she is terribly lonely.  She has written two very long letters (six pages each), which are all filled with her family problems, in great detail.  But how do you answer it?  I certainly wasn't going to talk about any of her problems, other than acknowledge how difficult it was for her, and I felt uncomfortable talking about how wonderful our Christmas was or say anything about how happy I was with our kids.  I ended up writing a one page letter.  It will be interesting to see if she responds.

The other thing I've been considering "catching up" on is this office.  Oh lord does it need straightening up, but somehow I can't seem to get started.  Maybe today, with so much sleep under my belt, will be a day that I will have the energy to get started.  A big problem is that I had to clear everything off of my desk so that Ned could put in the new camera and the new speaker and now I have a box of miscellaneous junk with no real place for it all  to go!


I had a note from Eldervilla today.  I guess CVS is going to send someone to the house to vaccinate the residents.  There are only five of them (I think -- it's been so long since I've been there, I don't know if anybody died or anybody new came in!)

Anyway Sandy needed my permission to let my mother be vaccinated.  I'm wondering if she has the vaccine and I end up being vaccinated if it will be safe for me to visit her again.  It's been 9 months since I last saw her.




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