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25 December 2020

It was a busy day, starting with Season 4 of Outlander.  I swear STARZ was giving all of us fans a wonderful Christmas present.

Toward the end of the afternoon, neighbors showed up at the front door with this box.  In our 47 years here, I don't think we've had so much as a Christmas card from them, but this came with a lovely card, thanking us for being such good neighbors.  I was very touched.

As I have mentioned several times, See's was what we passed around after dinner every holiday, a gift from my godfather.  Since he died, we have not had See's after dinner, and now we do.  What a lovely surprise.

Dinner was a Zoom dinner.  Every year Marta's family has a bean taco dinner on Christmas Eve, with beans made by Marta's father and the rest of the mail a potluck from all the family.  With all the COVID restrictions, people delivered their part of the meal to others in the group in the afternoon (Marta made guacamole, Ned chopped onions and tomatoes) and at 5 p.m. we all sat down in our own houses for dinner.  Ned set up the laptop on a music stand so everyone could see our table and we had Christmas music playing on the TV.

When dinner was over, Ned, Marta, Walt and I got in the car and went driving around Davis to see some of the house lights.

My old boss, Derrick Bang, always has the prize winner, emphasis on cartoon characters (particularly Peanuts, though this year there were rules for people who came to check it out.

We drove around and saw a few more houses, most of which were beautiful...

...and ended up at the Davis city tree.

We came home, watched Jeopardy! and then after everyone went to bed, I made cinnamon rolls to be baked in the morning.  I had planned to make the pumpkin pie too, but forgot to take the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie mix out of the freezer to thaw, so will do that first thing in the morning. 

We have to have an early dinner since the girls are planning a Zoom Egg Nog Gala at 5 p.m., so our dinner will be at  4.  I hope.




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