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22 December 2020

It was a good night of sleep and then I fell asleep watching the news in the morning.  Ned saw me waking up at 9:15 or so and seemed surprised that I was watching Kelly and Ryan when THIS was on STARZ:

Had season 1 on all day, while I wrote 8 or so letters to Compassion kids and tried to find space on my desk.  I took my nap during the noon episode.

We turned off the sound at 5 p.m. and kept the captions on.  I was listening to a Zoom retirement party for Bob Bowen, the guy Ned did the radio interview with a couple of weeks ago. 

It was a great retirement party.  There was no way of knowing how many people were there because you only saw and/or heard one person at a time.  There was a collaboration video that was made of bits that people had sent to a central location.  Ned and his friends made part  of it and Jeri and Phil sent a bit from Boston.  Then there were statements made from the people who were connected to the Zoom. 

I listened to everything that was said and marveled at how much difference in the world one man could make.  I lost track of how many people  talked about how experiences with Bob during their teens led to their adult occupations.

I have often thought of how different the life of our kids would be if they hadn't known Bob.  Jeri, Paul and Ned especially.  Jeri would still have become a musician, but all of her theater experience started working with both Bob and with the children's theater. 

After dinner, Ned and his friend Greg decided that the retirement Zoom, while nice, was kind of dull because there was no communal celebration, so they took a firework package with them to his house, set it off and chatted with him for a bit, to make it like a "party." 

I actually turned the Outlander marathon off during Jeopardy!  It was one of Ken Jennings' games and I'm wondering if we have seen the last live Alex Trebec game.  I've been emotional all month, knowing that we were watching the last recordings he'd made.

But when Jeopardy! was over, Outlander went back on again and I watched all the way through to the last scene.

Claire and Jaime are off to France and I was off to bed.

Nothing much happened all day ... no cookies made and Ned cooked dinner.

I managed to sleep until 5 a.m., when Season 2 of Outlander began and will be marathoning all day again today.


Jeri is going to be planting a tree

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