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December 15, 2020

I have no idea when  this entry will be posted.  We have had no internet for two days.  It comes and goes and most of the time when you try to get to the internet, it just says there is no connection.  I can pick up mail on my cell phone, and so I know that other people in Davis have no internet connection too.

I feel like I'm under a technology black cloud.  My printer is acting wonky.  If you give it a command to print something it may take 10 minutes before it prints.  Or if it prints, the paper jams, for no apparent reason.  It will print two pages and then stop printing the third page and you have to turn it off.  If you turn it on again and it doesn't work, you have to shut down the computer and when you turn the computer back on again, the printer works, though I have done nothing else other than turn the computer off and on.

This morning I decided when I woke up at 4 that rather than watch the news, I would watch a movie on Netflix.  I turned on Netflix and it gave me the start up screen, choosing who was watching (me or Ned) but then nothing else.  Not only could I not choose who was watching, but I could not get back to the TV.  Now there is no way to get any television on the TV.  all I get is the "Bev/Ned" screen and I can't get to anything in Netflix either.

I tried going through the remote that deals with the TV rather than the DISH and I could get to the screen that offered me several things, including Amazon.  It would let me connect to Amazon and I started watching a movie but wanted to turn on the closed captioning and when I went back to the main menu, it would no longer give me Amazon and when I tried to go to the TV, it took me to the Netflix screen. 

At least the COMPUTER works and I can write letters  .... but can I print them?  I have several Compassion letters I need to write, but I need the Internet to do those.

I can watch TV on the little TV in my office, but I don't dare try to get to Netflix.

If I'm going to be without technology today it's a good day to do some baking.  I have several kinds of cookies I want to make, but the problem is .... what will I do with them, since I'm the only one who really eats many cookies in the house and that's the last thing I need to do. 

Maybe I should just plan on reading today.

Hey!  Biden is the president elect!  After only (how many?) weeks.  With the electoral college votes it's now official and Trump has lost 59 lawsuits trying to overturn it, including two attempts to get the Supreme Court to help him hang on to the position.

There are over 300,000 deaths from the coronovirus and he never mentions it...only talks about how the presidency has been stolen from him.

It was shocking that the electoral college voters were threatened so that they had to be smuggled into secret places where they could vote.  This is what #45 has done to this country.  He has spent 4 years building wedges in this country and attempting to vandalize democracy.  I feel sorry for what Biden is going to go through trying me make us the UNITED states again.

One of my new pen pals is a minister and a Trump fan.  I fianlly asked him the question I have asked other Trump fans I have come across (who have never answered my question) and will be interested to see what answer I get.  I asked him what he likes about Trump.  I can give you a lot of things I liked about Biden but it seems that when I ask people what they like about Trump their answer is to tell me how much they don't like Biden.

I asked this guy what he would tell children (or his parishioners) what qualities of Trump they would emulate.  The only person who has ever come close to giving me an answer was that her finances were better now than they were before.  Didn't say anything about the deaths from the coronavirus or the number of children snatched from their parents arms who have been ... somewhere ... for two years (Trump says where they are is "very clean"), or how so many newspapers now count the number of lies Trump tells at every speech ... or that he continues to have super spreader social events which are followed by people in his administration testing positive for coronavirus.

So what does he like about this man.  And will he tell me.

I just checked and we have internet, perhaps briefly, so I'm going to quickly try to post this.


“If i'm gonna be an engineer I need to know how this works!”

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