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December 7, 2020

In the days of COVID-19, birthdays are celebrated on Zoom.

Of course, since he lives 3,000 miles away, we would not have celebrated Phil's birthday with him anyway, but what a great party Jeri arranged for him.  It was a Zoom party with friends from all over, including Ish joining from Japan.

Ned set their laptop up so that Walt and I could see the screen larger than on my cell phone.

One of the guys had put up a Phil Jeopardy! game.

Our plan had been to decorate our tree after the Zoom, but it went on so long, all we did was have dinner and settle in for the night.

Ned recommended that we watch The Christmas Chronicles, a 2018 movie with Kurt Russell.  It was a lot of fun.  Nice to see there is a "new" Christmas movie that could become a classic.

I actually reviewed a show yesterday.  It was a virtual production of A Christmas Carol, the Radio Play by the Woodland Opera House...and I reviewed it sitting at my computer watching it being streamed on the internet.

Is this what theater is going to become.....?


Woodland Opera House's Christmas Carol Radio Show

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