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December 2, 2020

My Christmas shopping is finished, the easiest shopping I've done in a very long time.

There are some pluses to the coronavirus and quarantining.  I did all my shopping on line.  Not only that, but because nobody can come and be with us on Christmas, I had all of the packages sent to the recipients, with emails letting them know not to open them.  Wow...is that easy!  I don't have to go to the post office OR pay postage, since everything I had sent sent postage free.

I may never go to a store again.  I do have two packages that need to be mailed because I bought them before I realized we would still be dealing with the virus in December, but that's definitely better than having several packages to mail, stand in line, pay postage, etc.

Not only is all the shopping finished, but our Christmas letter is written and posted on line.  It's tacky, I know, but I love designing the letter and then sending personal emails letting people know where they can find it.  I've written a Christmas letter for 50 years.  I know some people hate them, but I prefer them to a card that comes with a printed signature and no message.  We have people we get cards from every year but we have not seen those people in maybe 20 years or more and don't have a clue what their life is like ... or even what their handwriting is!

Ned put up a small Christmas tree in the family room last night, and I guess we will get the bigger tree up maybe this week.

When we were first married and when our kids were growing up, we always went to a tree farm to cut the tree, finding the biggest, smelliest tree we could find.  After Paul died, I didn't want to put up a tree at all, but the Lawsuit (band) crew showed up and we all decorated the tree, but I never felt like the cut a tree/decorate a tree any more, especially with just Walt and me here.

But last year, with Ned and Marta here, and the grandkids coming to visit, we needed a bigger tree so I bought an artificial tree that is very nice.  And it comes with all the lights on it.  When I was growing up, my mother was in charge of the lights.  Nothing could be put on the tree until the lights were up -- and working (those were the years when if one bulb in a string went out, the whole string went out and you had to find the bad light, which took a lot of time).

My favorite ornament was one that had been my mother's, and I think HER mother's.  It was just a face of a woman but I loved it and always put it on the tree first.  My mother ultimately gave it to me and that was the ornament that went on our tree first, until one of the kids dropped and broke it.  Now the ornaments that go on first are what I call the "necropsy ornaments" -- the ball from one of our dogs, the collars from two others, a black leather jacket ornament for David and a smiley face necklace for Paul.  This year I bought a 2020 ornament, not that we need a new ornament, but I wanted something to remember this year--though actually it would be better to forget this year!

I have been enjoying pictures from Tom's family of going out to chop down their tree.  With their new house, they have 2 stories and an open living room, so they can finally get the big tree they want.

They tell me that Lacie (age 9) was in charge of decorating the tree, though I suspect she needed adults to get things to the top of this tree!

It would be nice to see it live.  Heck, it would be nice to see their new house live!  Maybe 2021.


Tom's Tree

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