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August 13, 2020

Going through some photos today, I came across photos of Ned and Marta's wedding, 28 years ago.   Ned and Walt built the structure they stood under.  It had to be specially made because the minister who married them was about 12' tall.  I can't remember exactly what we did for food, but I know my mother made stuffed eggs, her specialty.  She had a huge bucket of hard boiled eggs.


The ceremony was held at the trailer park where my mother's mobile home was.  We took over the community room and it was a great place to take pictures on the lake in the middle of the park.

I think Marta had 3 bridesmaids and Ned, who didn't want to choose from among his friends, had all of them as groomsmen--some 17 or so guys.  They spent the night at my mother's and in the morning he gave them their wedding gift -- everybody got Converse high top shoes to wear with their tuxedos.

(The photographer liked the shoes so much he had  this picture taken, with Marta's shoes and her bouquet)

I made the wedding cake, of course.  Marta wanted it decorated with clowns and you can see clowns between the tiers and around the side.  Also, I have this kind of "lace" effect around the top two tiers.  It looks beautiful, but if you look closely (which you can't see in this photo) you can read names of Lawsuit songs written into the lace.

I can say without contradiction that this is the only wedding cake ever that has "ugly butt" written into the side of it.

The thing about the cake is that when I got it all set up, I realized that it was tilting.  There was a very good possibility that it would fall over.

I remembered that my mother's husband was a fisherman and so I asked if he had some fishing weights, which he did. That's why there is so much color on the bottom tier because all those "balloons" are covering up the fishing weights that are keeping the cake upright.

Paul was the best man and when it was time for him to give his "toast" he was prepared with a flip board and gave the history of their relationship together.

He had us all laughing, and in tears.  Best toast ever.

The groomsmen had spent the morning choreographing a dance number to "So Much in Love" from Fast Times at Ridgemont High that they sang around Ned and Marta...Ned knew about it; it was a surprise for Marta.
It was such a fun wedding and everything went off beautifully.  Hard to believe it was so long ago.  It seems like yesterday



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