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5 Aug 2020

Whenever you log onto Facebook, you get 3 columns.  The left column has lots of links to places you've visited before, groups you belong to, and suggestions for groups you  might be interested in.

The middle column is where the "business" takes place.  comments you make, comments people make, photos, and some big ads.

Then there is the right column.

The right column is a great place for impulse purchases, now that we can't go to the store and make them in person.  I've made several impulse purchases from the Facebook right column, most of which turn out to be not quite what I'd hoped.  I did get a nice elephant necklace, which I can't find now.  And I recently got intrigued by the new masks I bought.  Silly of me, since I have two masks already and never go out of the house, so they have been used exactly twice, but I liked the peace signs and the smiley face, so I bought three more masks.  Maybe someday I will use them.

I bought a pair of elephant pants from a company that was going out of business.  Walt was shocked that I had purchased something NOT black and I normally don't buy clothes on line because they so often don't fit, but it doesn't make a difference since these pants never arrived and I forgot to save the receipt, and the company is probably out of business now.  But they were very cheap, so I guess I got what I paid for.

But one purchase I made was something I was very excited about.  It's something called "Sew Glue" and according to the video attached to the ad, it repairs rips, holes in fabric.  I have two things I wanted to repair, one of which was a long rip in the quilt I use at night and the other was a hole in a pair of pants I wear all the time.  I should throw the pants out but (a) they fit me (as so few do), and (b) I usually just wear them around the house.  My mother always comments on the hole in the knee if I have them on when I visit her, but I just didn't throw them out, and continued to wear them, as the little hole continued to grow.

So when I saw "Sew Glue" it seemed perfect.  It was described as:  designed to replace traditional stitching, is a specialized adhesive used to repair tears and rips in virtually any type of fabric including Leather, Denim, Polyester, Cloth, Suede, Flannel, Cotton and more."

I ordered it.

And I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

Things in the right column frequently come from China so I figured it was coming from China.  Every time an ad appeared on Facebook, I left a message that I had ordered it and it never arrived.  I believe I ordered it two or three months ago

I thought maybe I had paid for it with Pay Pal and was going to check to see if I could get a refund, but kept forgetting to check, but kept writing to Sew Glue to say I had not received my order.

Finally two days ago, the order arrived!  And no, it hadn't come from China...it had come from Southern California.

But I was happy it was here.  I could finally fix my pants.

I decided I would fix the rip in the quilt first and I was very happy about how it went.  It could have gone neater and it will probably be neater after I wash the quilt, but this was what I'd hoped would happen.

The next day I decided to fix the pants.  It would be perfect.  I could cut a small patch from the pocket of the pants so the fabric would match, which I did.  But when I tried to apply the glue, it disappeared.  I read  the instructions and it says that you should not let it be absorbed by the fabric, but I don't know how you can avoid it.  I tried several times and finally DID get the patch on, but it looked like crap.  I hoped that when it was washed,  it would somehow be better, but I guess this is how it's going to look.

I think it's better than the hole in the pants, maybe, but this picture is after it was washed, so this is probably as good as it's going to get.  At least if I ever see my mother again, she won't complain about the hole in my pants.

If I had seen this video about the product, I probably could have done it better.  Maybe what I need to do is find something to paste over this patch.

Speaking of my mother, her 101st birthday is coming up and I won't be able to celebrate with her, so I thought I would get her some birthday cards.  If you'd like to send her a card, her birthday is September 7 and her address is Mildred Rynders, 1301 Homewood Dr., Woodland, CA 95695.  Thanks!!


Brianna at camp

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