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28 April 2020

When I was a little kid, I was on one of those daily kiddie TV shows.  I'm not sure how old I was, but at least old enough to know presidents.

The host of the show asked me a question.  I can't remember if the answer was Lincoln or Washington, but whatever it was, I got it wrong and gave the other answer.  The host had something funny to say after I gave the wrong answer.

My father teased me unmercifully about my wrong answer.  I insisted that this had been a bit that had been rehearsed and that the host told me to give the wrong answer so he could make a joke.  I lied, of course, but I hated the teasing for being wrong.

I've been remembering that the last couple of days listening to our glorious leader trying to insist that his stupid statements were nothing more than sarcasm.  He didn't really ask the doctors seriously if they could figure out a way to use bleach to kill the virus in the body, or to somehow get high powered light under the skin to cure the virus.  He was just being sarcastic.

Every news report posted the video of his comments ... nobody made interpretation of what he said, they just played the videotape.  But he insists that it was all sarcasm.

Yet hospitals across the country report lots of calls about the safety of drinking disinfectants.  I'm surprised there hasn't been a case or two of someone who has tried it.

The president needs to learn the meaning of "sarcasm."

I try not to listen to the daily virus updates (which in one day were being cancelled because the media misreported him and then were back again because he apparently couldn't stay out of the spotlight for a day), but part of me feels I need to know what is being said about the virus in this country.

Yesterday, I listened to his carefully read expressions of unemotional sadness for the deaths, and decided that he is more believable when he lies about something than when he tries to express sadness for how many people have died by reading the words off a teleprompter.

We have now lost more people to this virus in 9 weeks than we did in Vietnam in 12 years.

And yet he is more determined to let us know that he has created "the best economy in the history of the world" than to express sincere sadness at the deaths. He is incapable of such emotion.

Since I have not been out of the house, I was not aware that our irises are blooming.  I did go out a week ago to take a picture of a couple of them, but there are dozens that are about to open.  This is the most bloom than we have seen from these irises in many years.

The flowers were originally my aunt Marge's.  Marge was Peach's mother and my favorite aunt.  Of all of my mother's sisters, she was the one I was the closest to.

She died of cancer, one of the first of the 10 Scott siblings to die, and at her funeral, many of us took some of her flowers.  I'm not a gardener, but I wanted some of the irises to remember her and every year when they bloom, especially in a year like this one where there will be a big purple display in a couple of days I smile when I look at them and think about Marge and how close she and my mother were (she was the next oldest to my mother).


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