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24 April 2020
(happy birthday, Fred, wherever you are -- This is the first year that I've wished him a happy birthday when I've known that he's dead.  I miss him.)

ANYWAY, Ned and I didn't watch a movie today.  Wednesday is the night we watch Survivor together, but he didn't feel like watching it last night, so we arranged to watch it during Marta's lunch hour this afternoon.

I have to admit that Survivor this season is actually pretty good.  Definitely unusual.

When the show was over, I did some web surfing and checked Pinterest for "Journal Ideas."  I guess I was looking for things for me to write about on boring days like today, but it ended up being a place where I was able to save several Sunday Stealing entries for the next month or so, from new sites that I had not stolen from before which is good.

One set of questions, which I did not use for Sunday Stealing, asked what you'd like your legacy to be. 

My simple answer to this question is that I'd like my legacy to be that I made a difference in the world.  Last night I watched a documentary on Jane Goodall, a woman I have admired for years.  Now there is a woman who has made a difference in the world.  She just wanted to go and observe chimpanzees for a year back when she was in college and here she is, 83 years old, having made significant impacts not only on chimpanzees but all wild animals, and on climate change, and she has inspired thousands of young people who are now working toward improving climate change.

I've thought about that legacy for a long time.  Of course anybody who has children automatically leaves a legacy but other than that, for me, it always starts in the same place. I'll never make the kinds of changes in the world that Jane Goodall has, but I volunteered for the Experiment in International Living for 3 or so years, placing students from other countries with American families.  Some placements went well, others not so well, but the very best--by far was Carolina's placement.  Carolina was from Chile and came in one of the very first groups I had to place.  Jeri's friend Diane had an older sister with mental disabilities and Carolina had worked with people with mental disabilities and it seemed the perfect match.  Was it ever!  That was in the 1980s and she is still part of their family today.  She and Diane did a lot of visiting back and forth and when she decided to take one last trip before her wedding, she went with Diane, met a man from Canada, fell in love, canceled her wedding and moved to Canada.  Diane was in her wedding and she was in Diane's wedding.  She now works as an artist in Canada.  I came across this painting of hers today and just love it.

If for no other reason, I can die happy knowing that I made a positive difference in the life of Carolina, Diane, and their families.

I don't know if ms. lin mcelroy would have started a children's theater if I hadn't brought the subject up and told her I'd be happy to help her, but the Sunshine Children's Theater was a big deal at the time.  I don't know how many kids involved would have gone on to careers in music and/or theater without it, but I'm sure a lot of them would never have thought of it without their years in STC.  I'd like that to be part of my legacy.

Max is part of my legacy.  We fostered perhaps 100 dogs through the SPCA over about five years and some of my favorite puppies were Patty, Max and Laverne.

I rarely see dogs after they have found forever homes, but a woman came into the book store where I worked back in 2012.  She had her dog with her and when she started telling me about how she had adopted him from the SPCA I realized it was Max.  And Max recognized me.   I love that part of my legacy can be that I helped find forever homes for so many dogs.

I'll never be Jane Goodall but I can look around me and point to a few ways I've made a difference in the world and that makes me feel very good.



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