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15 April 2020

[NOTE:  I knew Walt would remember.  My hamster was named Julius]

I have not been out of the house for six weeks, Walt tells me, so I'm not concerned about COVID-19.  Besides, I've been coughing for many years, so the constant cough doesn't bother me...especially since it's not the sort of cough described for COVID-19.  But things were just "off" yesterday afternoon.

It started with a 2 hour nap.  I thought I had screwed up our movie watching, but Ned was on an hour-plus telephone call, and didn't get off the phone until slightly after I woke up, so that wasn't the problem.

I was fine thru dinner and watching first Better Call Saul, which I watched with Ned and Marta, and then Jeopardy (recorded) which I watched with Walt.  But I was so sleepy I could barely stay awake for the show.

I decided I needed a "pre-night nap."  I had a pre-night nap a couple of days ago and it was just that.  I napped for about an hour and a half, then got up for a couple of hours, and then back to sleep again.

So it was 8 p.m. when I went for my nap and I was asleep within minutes.  (I know that because I was going to mull over writing this journal entry while going to sleep...and never made it past the first thoughts about it!)

Walt was still awake when I woke up and I watched TV for an hour or so, but after he went to bed, I decided I'd been up long enough and could go back to sleep in the living room again.  And I did.  Again, I went to sleep almost immediately.

When I woke up I felt like I'd had a nice long sleep (turns out it was only an hour) but when I sat up ...  oops.  It seems I needed to rush to the bathroom immediately because I felt like I had a touch of diarrhea.

It turned out to be more than "a touch".  I needed to clean the toilet, and change my pajamas.  I got all that done, went back to the couch and in minutes, I had another wave of diarrhea feeling.

It became a big deal with Ned and Walt cleaning up after me and finding anti-diarrhea medication.  Ned made up the couch with a plastic covering and something washable on top of it.  I decided I was going to sleep in the recliner and put a thick towel on the seat, just in case.

The medication started working very quickly and I had no more problem through the night.  But I'd had a bit of sleep, so it took awhile to fall asleep.  I slept a couple of hours, then woke up, then went back to sleep, then was up for a bit and then in the afternoon had another 2 hour nap.  I was just kind of taking it easy (which pretty much describes what I do every day).  I didn't feel sick at all, but I just felt... poorly

I read bit, watched TV a bit, napped in short bits and didn't feel hungry at all.  I was awake to hear Clyde and Ned's radio program, which was fun.

I told Ned I wouldn't have dinner.  I don't know what caused this or what, if anything, I had done to cause it.  I actually looked up Coronavirus/diarrhea and discovered that one is not a symptom of the other (except in very rare occasions...but I also had no fever at all and my cough was actually LESS than it usually is).

Whatever I had I seem to be over it now.  If nothing else, I did finally get caught up on sleep.

And now Walt and I have masks, which Marta ordered for us.





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