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9 April 2020

Ned brought a box in from the garage this morning.  It was marked with Walt's name and he found it in the garage.  Walt said he recognized the box, but didn't know what was in it. 

I was in my office and he came in and handed this picture to me.  I have been looking for this snapshot for decades!

This was 1961 and  was taken at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, when she was checking in prior to her Carnegie Hall concert that she was now doing on tour.

I belonged to the Judy Garland fan club and so I got notices of where she was going to be when and we were told she was checking into the hotel on this particular Sunday.  A group of maybe 10 of us met at the hotel and sat there all day. but she never showed up.

Everyone else in the group had jobs they had to go to the next day, except myself and one other woman, so we both returned and sat there again all morning.  I had my little brownie box camera just "in case" and a photo I hoped she would autograph.

Suddenly there she was.  I have never been so nervous or so shaky in my life and was totally unprepared, even after two days.  The flash attachment was not attached to my camera nor was a bulb in it.  The woman with me  went to talk with her while I'm fidgeting around with the camera, shaking like I had some sort of palsy.

I finally got the camera put together and went to see her.  She kindly signed the photo for me (I gave it to my friend Michael Sugar many years ago) and I asked I could take her picture.  She said "Well, I'm kind of a mess, but I don't mind if you don't." and I snapped my one photo.

Then she was gone, whisked away to wherever her room was upstairs.

The other woman and I went back to our seats, both of us shaking and going through "afterglow."

Suddenly there she was again.  Back in the lobby and heading out to her car.  She turned around and waved at us and took off.

It turned out she was unhappy with her room and she was moving to another hotel.

The next day was the concert and I met with the fans before the concert.  We were there when her car arrived, she in the back seat with her hair in curlers.  It is probably the only time in my life I have run a block, following the car with the others, until it went into the garage.

I was in about the fifth row on the side for the concert, which was wonderful, of course

As she took her final bow, I did something I've never done before nor since, I joined the crowd rushing to the stage to shake her hand.  As she shook my hand the thing I remember most is how small ... and cold ... her hand felt.

That's my big Judy memory.  Still very special.  So glad to have seen this photo again!


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