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8 April 2020

While we are sheltering in place, Clyde Bowman's "Davis Music Connections" radio show has become the Ned and Clyde show.  Ned took over for Clyde when he went on vacation for 2 weeks, than an additional week because of an injury he suffered on vacation, and then a week off during the first "shelter in place" week.  Now the radio station is pretty much shut down, so how to do the show.

Fortunately, Ned is all set up to do a show here -- nice to have 20+ years of experience in radio and a wealth of technology and equipment!  So with Clyde on Marta's phone and Ned on speaker, they managed to record a show that Ned was able to edit and email to the radio station.  It worked very well.  As they said, they weren't separated by 6 feet, but more like 6 miles, since Clyde lives in nearby Woodland.

Clyde, I should mention, is our age.  His son K.C. is one of Ned's best friends and has a recording studio in Oakland, where Ned frequently records music. 

I don't know how many more weeks they will collaborate on this show, but at least until our quarantine is over and the city opens up again and Clyde can come to the studio.

If anyone is interested in hearing today's show it's available streaming till the end of the week.  Where else are you going to find a show that will play music from the original cast recording of Go Go the Blue Gorilla?

My friend Ruth Chambers has her own show on KDRT, the Chambers Street Theatre, where she reads stories for an hour every week.  She is presently reading "Huckleberry Finn."

I met Ruth many, many years ago when we were both volunteering for the homeless shelter here in town. . We got along instantly and I enjoyed working with her, but our boss left and the shelter was taken over by another person who was not easy to work with.  I lasted longer than Ruth did and I was sorry when she left, but I wasn't that much further behind. 

We then didn't see each other for several years until she wrote a book and asked the Enterprise for publicity.  I had just started critic-ing and was asked if I wanted to review the book.  After reading it, I decided that the better story would be on Ruth herself and our friendship rekindled as I interviewed her for the story I wrote.

We started having lunch together regularly until she had health problems and then I had health problems and neither of us could drive. We kind of drifted apart.  We were actually going to get together recently, but she had another big problem come up.  Now it's the quarantine.  I expect that sooner or later we will be back sharing lunch at Panera again.  I'd like to tell her about Ned's experiences at KDRT.

My friend Kathleen and I lunch and talk politics; Ruth and I lunch and talk theater.

After Ned's radio show was over, we watched the second half of Rocketman.  We tried to watch the movie a week or so ago and discovered that the recording we had was only half the movie.  I've been trying to find places where I could find the whole movie and could only find it if I wanted to buy it from Amazon for $12. 

But I happened to glance at my TV screen when DISH network put up a notice and turns out that they were offering Rocketman for one week OnDemand, so I grabbed it.

I would have enjoyed it more if I had ever been an Elton John fan rather than someone who was just aware of him for years.  But despite just knowing a peripheral amount about him and a few of his songs, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though it was not easy to watch his emotional problems.  But when the movie was made he had been sober 28 years, was married and had two children and has done amazing volunteer things for the AIDS community as well as other needy groups.

So I'm glad we finally saw the whole movie.  It's Ned's turn to choose tomorrow so we'll see what our next adventure will be.


Bandit is happy to have everyone home all day long.

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