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7 April 2020

We are going through a terrible period in the country's history.  Thousands are sick, thousands are dying.  We are getting mixed messages from the government -- do we trust the president's instincts because he had a smart uncle, or do we trust the medical professionals?

Twitter is just as nasty as it ever was, with the Trumpsters slavishly, embarrassingly devoted to their Great Leader, the great Great Leader just as nasty as he has always been.

But for me there has been a silver lining.

With so much tragedy going on, it seems that everyone, at least on MY Facebook timeline, is bending over backwards to be nice, to be funny, to be fun.

I can actually go a whole day and only see a handful things about #45. 

People are going overboard making lists and games.  I have to admit I have probably seen a couple dozen lists of famous people that my friends have met in their lives.  One of my friends had negative things to say about it

You know all those posts about all those famous people you've met?

I honestly could not care less.

They're just people. So what?

I'd much rather hear an interesting story about something you've done, something you've explored, something you've discovered, something you've learned. That's memorable. That lets me know something about you. That makes you more real to everyone who reads that anecdote.

Fergosh sake, please use FB as a way to connect, not just to use up time.

I disagreed.  While yes, I've stopped reading the lists--there were so many of them--it was pleasant to see people making them instead of making angry comments.

There are also a rash of "post a photo from your phone that is blue..." or red or orange or whatever. 

Yesterday someone came up with a v-e-r-y long list of Broadway musicals and you were supposed to put a heart by each one you'd seen.  Now THERE was an all-day task for me!  I didn't count how many I "heart-ed" but it was a mass of red, for sure.  And Walt found two or three that I missed.  But it was a fun list to go through.

A new one today is to post 10 cars you have owned.  9 are true and one is not.  I didn't play along because I've never had a car that was strictly "mine."  I remember how thrilled Peach was a few years before she died when they got a reverse mortgage and she got her very own car -- a green VW bug, which she had always wanted.   She never had her own car either, but then had to sell it when they moved to Iowa.

More people are posting funny memes, funny pictures, beautiful spring pictures, inventive songs, fun zoom gatherings, and inspiring observations.  Some celebrities are reading books for kids.

Occasionally there are things like this:

But they are rare and much more tame than they have been...and they don't dominate the timeline any more.

It's kind of like everyone is trying  to interact nicely with everyone else.  I don't know how long it will last but it sure makes being on Facebook more pleasant.




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