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6 April 2020

Kwizgiver, who regularly participates in Sunday Stealing, has lists of 100 things, 100 songs, and 100 movies.  I think I made a list of 100 favorite movies awhile ago, and I don't think I could possibly come up with 100 songs, including lyrics (which she did), but I thought I'd try thinking of 100 random things about me.  When my mother turned 90 I made a similar list of 90 things about her -- and that got kind of difficult.  I wonder how easy it will be to think of 100 random things.  Here goes...

1. My sister has been dead for so long (since 1971) that I can't remember what it was like to be a sibling.  I have been an only child far longer than I was a sibling.

2. Maybe the reason is because we were never close, something I always regretted.

3. My cousins Peach and Kathy always seemed more like sisters than my real sister did.

4.  I only had one pet growing up, a cat, which ran away.  We could never have a dog because of my sister's allergies...and the first thing she did when she moved out of the house and got her own place was to get a dog.

5. I have been an avid reader ever since I learned to read.

6. One of my favorite memories of my mother is watching her sitting in a chair in the kitchen, with a bowl in her lap, peeling apples for apple pie.

7. I used to steal penny candy from the our neighborhood grocer.

8. My first airplane ride was when I was a sophomore in high school.  My father died without ever having been in an airplane.

9. I had 9 aunts and uncles and the one I knew the least was the one I liked the best--my uncle Jim.  I was thrilled when he gave me a wedding gift, which turned out to be a tarnished, dented silver plated bowl his alcoholic wife bought in a thrift shop.  I still have it because supposedly it came from him, but he probably never even saw it.

10, We lived on a steep San Francisco hill and every morning I would put my head down and charge up the hill without looking up, until the morning I ran smack into a ladder against the side of the building.

11. I never learned to iron or cook from my mother, who was a perfectionist and didn't like me to do it "wrong."

12. I'm not crazy about vegetables, but I do like artichokes, avocado, spinach, peas and corn.  Green beans are OK.

13. I love fruit, especially strawberries (and any kind of berry), bananas, and oranges.

14. I'm left handed and always got terrible marks in penmanship in grammar school because they made lefties hold the pen the same way righties did and it just doesn't work for us!

15. I love the smell of acetone in a ditto machine.  I hated the purple stuff on your hands, but I loved the smell of acetone!

16. I am a total klutz.  Terrible at sports and hate dancing.

17. I used to spend every Saturday at the movies. It cost 25 cents to get in, 10 cents for popcorn.  And it was a double feature with a cartoon and newsreel.

18.  In grammar school, I counted the money after Mass each Sunday.

19. I have enjoyed travel, but am too nervous to just go off on my own. I was terrified to fly by myself to Australia and was glad that I was staying with Peggy because I could not have explored on my own.

20. I used to wear high heels, but for the past several decades I have only worn Birkenstocks and I think I would fall off of any heel that had any height to it, even 1".

21. I love horses.  I read every horse book I ever found and could stand for hours just watching horses, but I've only ridden one once or twice.

22. I taught catechism at the Newman Center in Berkeley and asked to teach my first class their second year because I didn't want anybody to know what a bad teacher I was their first year!

23. I used to love to sing, but as I have aged, my voice has left.  I have a vocal range of about 3 notes, most of the time.  If I try to hit a higher or lower note there is just no sound at all.

24. I've seen Judy Garland 4 times in concert and met her once, briefly.

25. When I worked for Women's Health, Dr. Schimmel gave us each a year of housekeeping as a holiday gift.  I chose, instead, a month salary because I was embarrassed to think of anybody seeing how messy my house was.

26. My life would have been significantly different if I had been a good housekeeper.

27. I love to play cards and board games, but rarely have anybody who is interested in playing with me.  I miss my cousins.

28. I climbed a tree the day before Jeri was born.

29. I think mimosas are a waste of good orange juice and a waste of good champagne.

30. I've never had a car that was "mine."

31. To look at the mess that is my office, you'd be surprised to see how organized my computer is.

32. I often ushered for shows in San Francisco in high school with the guy I was dating.  He always made sure we went to the stage door after the show to see the stars and get their autograph.  I can't remember now who we saw, but some big names.

33. I took the cable car to school every day in high school.  It cost 15 cents and I always got a seat on the outside.  I  transferred to a bus for the last several blocks.

34. I have never ridden in a limo (except to the cemetery for my sister's funeral)

35. I used to collect spoons, but that got way out of control, so I started collecting magnets, and now I have more of them than I can do anything with, but they have sentimental value.

36. I love all animals and could watch Animal Planet all day.

37. I feel guilty going to a zoo, and always feel the need to apologize to the elephants and gorillas.

38. Water has been my beverage of choice for decades.  I'll occasionally have wine, but really prefer water, unless it's a frou frou drink with rum and an umbrella.

39. I come from a long line of alcoholics.

40. I am proud of being Scottish and love that my cousin traced our family down to a buddy of Robert the Bruce, though I feel more Irish than Scottish.

41. I've been a theater critic for 20 years and still feel uncomfortable writing reviews, unless it's of Gilbert & Sullivan.

42. One thing I love more than anything is finding a nice view place of San Francisco.  I love my home town.

43. I have not worn makeup in several decades.

44. At one point I was a fairly decent pool player.

45. I do not understand scoring for tennis.  or golf.

46. I can't believe that I was going to be a Carmelite (cloistered) nun at one point, after reading the biography of St. Therese of Lisieux.

47. I was nearly attacked one day when I was babysitting and a guy followed me and my charge to a deserted park.  Fortunately my screams scared him and nothing happened.  But I felt guilty afterwards.

48. I was put on my first diet at age 10.

49. So many of what I considered good friendships have ended without explanation, that I am leery of making new close friends.  Social media works well for me.

50. I am not a magazine reader, except for The Week, which I really enjoy.

51. I never get manicures or pedicures because I transcribed too many papers about the terrible things that can happen.  (and a podiatrist told me to never go to a commercial nail salon)

52. I have sponsored children around the world through one organization or another since before Walt and I were married.  I was always sad that nobody in the family was interested in any of them.

53. Some of my fond memories are sitting in a tree, with my cousin Peach, eating apples and solving the problems of our teen age world.

54. .I never liked Elvis.

55. I don't understand poetry, except limericks.  I like writing good limericks.

56. I hate foreign films that are dubbed in English.  I much prefer reading subtitles.

57. My hearing has gotten so bad I now have closed captioning on most of the time anyway.

58. When they started teaching ballet in my grammar school when I was in the second grade and I wanted to take lessons, my mother told me I was too fat.  I mentioned that to her a few years ago and she admitted that was a cruel thing to say.  I wonder if I would have had a lifelong weight problem if I had taken ballet lessons.

59.  I learned to love ice water because my grandmother always kept a bottle of water and an empty glass in the refrigerator.  I loved that!

60.  That's also where I learned to like Cheetos (before we had one in the White House)

61.  I saw JFK in 1963 when he came to give a speech at UC Berkeley.  I had chosen not to attend the event but was in the parking lot of Newman Hall when he rode by in a convertible and waved at me.

62. I know nothing about fashion and can't even tie a decorative scarf.

63. I have zero depth perception.  I found that out the day I was in a museum to test your depth perception and I discovered I was off so far it wasn't even funny.  I wonder what it's like to have depth perception....

64. I have written for the local newspaper for years, including a school news column, and, of all things, a mental health column (with zero experience!).  I had no experience when I became a critic either, but somehow it's worked out.

65. It was a big thrill to look myself up in the card catalog at the Library of Congress.

66. I probably have laughed more with Charlotte than with anybody else in my life.

67. I always wanted a daughter named Laurie Pauline, but neither Ned, Paul, Tom or David seemed to fit the name! (We decided early on that our first child, boy or girl, would be a "Jeri or Jerry")

68. Paris and New York are two cities I really want to like, but don't.  Though being in New York in December and finally seeing the Rockettes was fun.

69. On the day before my wedding, I almost didn't make it to the beauty parlor in time because traffic was halted since LBJ was in town.

70. I went camping for the first time in college.  We never did it as a family.

71. I took two courses of Chinese cooking classes from Martin Yan and at one time was a fair to middlin' Chinese cook.

72. I love to spend the day in my pajamas.

74. I can't go out in public these days because I have a cough.  I cough all the time.  I've coughed all the time for years.  Walt and my mother are the only two people who never worry me about it.

75. I would love to take a train ride across the Rockies.

76. I was the romantic lead in our high school play, if you can believe that.

77. Thank goodness I can read in a moving car.  It's the thing that keeps me from being afraid of the traffic around us.

78, I am addicted to only one computer game, which has different names depending on which machine I'm playing it on.

79. I loved being able to go to Sardi's for an opening night party.  I probably won't have that opportunity again.

80. I thought I would like a convertible.  Always wanted one.  Then when we got one I discovered what a pain it is to have your hair whipping around you all the time.

81. The first broken bone I got was when a frozen roast beef fell on my foot.  The next one was when a frozen container of beans fell on my foot.  I stay away from freezers now.

82. I founded the La Leche League group in Davis.

83. I worked as a cake decorator until the town got a "real" cake decorator.  But I did some cool stuff.

84. Cumin is probably my favorite spice.

85. We hosted some 70 foreigners from some 14 different countries over the years.  I learned Portuguese by osmosis, but am no longer conversant.

86. One memorable moment was when I was walking up VanNess Avenue and some guy ran out of his shop to ask me if I was Judy Garland.

87. I rushed to the stage after her last concert in San Francisco, though that's something I would never do otherwise, and shook her hand.  I still  remember that it was very small and very cold.

88. I wear socks all the time and buy the $1/pair fuzzy ones at the Dollar Store.

89. I have worn trifocals for many years. I love them, but the prescription for them is such that I don't get to have the kind of lenses that change with the light.

90.  My father would not let me get my driver's license until I could parallel park on our steep hill in San Francisco in our stick shift car.  I sure couldn't do that now.

91. I grew up one block from where Tales of the City is set.

92. I once gave the key to a physics lab to Mario Savio, whom the newspapers were then calling "the most dangerous man in America."  (He was a very nice, polite young man)

93. Guilty pleasure -- MacDonald's and Jack in the Box.  But I only order their cheeseburgers plain and nothing else.

93. I don't know how to sew, so why do I like "Project Runway"?

94. I left the Catholic church over its treatment of people in the gay community and the sex scandals.

95. People think I must be smarter than I am.

96. I don't know why I have no desire to visit Japan.  I enjoyed China a lot (maybe it was the pandas)

97.  I rarely wear jewelry.  I can't wear earrings all the time because I need earphones to watch TV and they hurt my ears if I have earrings in.

98. I volunteered at a homeless shelter for a year or so.  I was teaching a man how to use the computer when he told me if he fell off the wagon one more time, he wouldn't be back.  I was sad when he disappeared.

99. I am a fairly good writer, but can't write fiction to save my soul.  All of those "must be told stories" that writers have in their heads aren't in mine.

100.  My heavens I did it.  This was a real exercise in self-aggrandizement!

Dumb me.  I did this list in 2003...but this one is somewhat different so I'm posting it anyway.


Tom and Bri sitting outside for the "caravan" of her friends to pass by
on her birthday.  Everybody got blood oranges and Uncles Ben's rice


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