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3 April 2020

Ned has been busy with other projects the last couple of days, so we haven't done our daily movie, but I did watch The Farewell yesterday.  I don't know how long it took me to figure out that the Oscar winner, Parasite, was NOT the other Asian movie, The Farewell.  When we watched Parasite, I kept wondering where the sick grandmother was.

Bit I enjoyed The farewell.  The relationship between Billi,the heroine, and her grandmother reminded me a lot of the relationship between Jeri and HER grandmother.

Jeri is so good about staying in touch with the family, even though she is on the opposite side of the country.  She makes a brief video every morning when she is taking Lester for a walk and sends it to all of us, she is good about calling both Walt and me, on our cell phones, during the week.  She used to call my mother, but that doesn't work any more, but I found out that she and Brianna have a chat every day at 2:30.

Today it was Ned's turn to pick a movie and he picked the movie version of Sweeney Todd.

I have seen the show a few times, and reviewed it twice, but I had not seen the movie ... and what a difference!  Johnny Depp is darker and more brooding than other Sweeney Todds I have seen and Helene Bonham Carter is certainly no Angela Lansbury, who played the original Mrs. Lovett, who bakes "the worst pies in London."  Carter becomes a love interest for Todd (or at least tries to be).

This is perhaps the bloodiest movie I have ever seen and parts are more gross than other parts.  Remember that this is the story of a man seeking revenge on the judge who sent him to jail on a trumped up charge for some 20 years, while he stole Todd's wife and baby daughter.

After Todd kills his first victim (funny how many men he kills and nobody seems to notice that they have disappeared), and they try to figure out how to get rid of the body, Mrs. Lovett decides to use all that fresh meat for her pies, which then become so popular they are "the best pies in London." 

Perhaps the most gross view is grinding the baked meat for the pies....or maybe it's the little boy finding a finger in his pie.

Gross, gross movie, but Depp is excellent and oddly enough an enjoyable movie.  I think we need something lighter today.

What kept the movie from being totally, overwhelmingly gross was the squirrel circus going on outside.  It was not Dexter's normal time of day and actually he wasn't begging for peanuts, but there were two squirrels and we figured out that Dexter is really female, womething I kind of suspected when looking at the standing up picture.

That looks like a nursing Mom to me.  But she has been "he" and "Dexter" for so long that we named the other (obviously male) squirrel Deb (Dexter's sister is Deborah) and Dexter will probably remain "he."  but the two of them chassed each other up and down trees, around the yard, on the patio.  Deb came looking for peanuts, but he is not used to begging, or tame enough to trust us and when I moved toward the door, he ran away.

But they were so much fun to watch, especially when one of the birds joined them (I decided the birds are George and Gracie, but I can't tell them apart and they haven't been around much lately).

They were definitely nice to look at and laugh about when Sweeney Todd was grinding up all the bad guys in London.



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