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30 September 2019

By his definition, Ned is the biggest Breaking Bad fan ever.  He swears he has seen the five seasons of that show "at least 1,000 times."  Like me, he is a TV watcher and has the  TV on all the time, in the background.  Breaking Bad, for him is like NCIS for me.  I don't know that I have seen NCIS 1,000 times, but lots of times.

So yesterday, I was working in my office and he had Breaking Bad on while he was building more shelves for the laundry room (shelves now all finished). 

I wandered through the family room and got hooked watching the episode.  Several hours later, I was still watching.  I finally turned it off around 11 p.m. and headed off to sleep.

While it's not something I would want to have on all the time, I have to admit that really was a riveting program.  Ned can quote you anything from the show and knows instantly where we are in the story with one brief glance at the screen.  I can sometimes do that with NCIS but not like he can.

Breaking Bad sometimes makes getting him gifts for him easy.  A guy here in Davis, also a Breaking Bad fanatic, wrote a book which details all the locations for every scene.  It's a surprisingly thick book and I got it for him for Christmas.  Ned loved it.

Marta found this spoon drip for him.

And he has a hat with something related to Breaking Bad on it...I don't know what.  I'm sure he has other things.

For those who aren't familiar with Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and who, to earn money for his treatment, starts making methamphetamine, by  turning an old RV into a meth lab on wheels, which he drives out into the desert with the help of a stoner, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).  White (who assumes the name of Heisenberg) manages to live six seasons, going through all sorts of various "adventures" (for lack of a better world).  An additional complication is that his brother-in-law Hank is with the DEA.

Anyway the writing is excellent and though, like NCIS and Criminal Minds, it is not the sort of story that would keep a nice, non-violent person like me interested, I really do like it.  In fact, instead of Criminal Minds today, I am watching Breaking Bad.  (Don't tell Ned)

I made a smoothie today.  Raspberries, strawberries, banana and frozen coconut milk instead of ice.  So much fun to do it because Ned has a Vitamix, which is SO much more powerful than my Cuisinart blender. 

We are now starting to sort out "stuff."  We  both had cast iron skillets.  Mine belonged to my father.  Their two were in better shape, so mine has disappeared.  I assume it went with the stuff a vets group picked up last week.  I haven't discovered which of the six graters we're going to keep, but assume it won't be my 50 year old one. 

But my Instant Pot made the cut.  We aren't sure about which coffee pot yet, but theirs is still packed away. 

Ned still wants  to completely redo the kitchen, which will involve taking most of the cabinets out and building new ones elsewhere.  His idea for the finished product is great, but I don't know how long it's going to take--or how much it's going to cost.  When it's all finished, this house is really going to be great.



Lacie at her "favorite birthday party of her life."

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