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26 September 2019

The 10 year project is a week old now and we are still all speaking to each other.

We will be getting settled for months but we sent all 25+ boxes of books to Logo's, a group came and took all the stuff we had that was not furniture, and St Vincent de Paul picked up all the furniture today.  We are still living in and around boxes, but Ned is extremely good at getting boxes out of the way.  The kitchen  table has gone from this:

To this...

There are still lots of boxes, but at least all four of us can sit at the table and eat at night.

He moved boxes around so we have a free couch and the four of us could watch Survivor together last night.

Ned and I are sharing the cooking duties.  Kind of every other night, but sometimes one of us does two days in a row.  We had an interesting night the other night.  I decided to make spare ribs, which I'd only made once before in the instant pot.  The recipe called for putting the ribs on the rack that comes with the pot, but this was in the early days of boxing everything up and I couldn't find the rack, so I used the vegetable steamer, which worked so well, I decided to use it again, only it has disappeared.  Ned remembers seeing it where I have kept it for years, but he doesn't remember where he put it.  So I used the rack, which I now can find, and it worked fine. 

I also decided to make biscuits.  I have stopped using Bisquick, having been shamed by kids on the Food Network to make my own, but Ned and Marta moved in a box of Bisquick and so I made a batch.  I mean--how difficult are Bisquick biscuits, which I have ben making for more than 50 years.  Bisquick, milk, knead slightly, cut out, bake.  What is easier.

Only they did not rise and when they came out of the oven tasted horrible.  What had I done wrong?  I checked the Bisquick box and discovered that it expired in 2016.  That might explain the problem.  (A couple of days later, Ned found a bag of self-rising flour, which expired in 2006 and decided to throw that away as well!)

When we sat down to our ribs and biscuits, I managed to spill my pint glass of water all over the table.

It was not our finest dinner.  But Marta wasn't here.  She has meetings on Tuesdays and since she does not like pork, Tuesday seems to be the best night to cook it.

I will be healthier with Ned living here.  We have something "green" every night, whether smoothie, salad, side vegetables...something I don't always cook.  Last night he made lasagna and put zucchini in it...more green stuff hidden away.

But the best part is the camaraderie.  So nice to sit and chat over dinner.  Ned and I are both TV-holics and we both like having the TV on at all times, so that is nice.  Ned watches reruns of Breaking Bad as much as I watch NCIS.  We understand each other.

His non-stop organizing even inspired me to do some organizing in my office.  With a bunch of large plastic boxes now empty, I am using them to plow through the layers of junk in my office and hope eventually to get back to feeling organized...until I start being un-organized again!

Feeling very good about Week 1.



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