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23 September 2019

It was 4 p.m.  I had written one review and had made plans for the article I need to interview people for tomorrow and it was time for the Emmy red carpet.

I don't know why I watch the red carpet.  The older I get, the younger the new stars are and the fewer of them I know. 

Still I did recognize Peter Krause (whom I remember not from whatever show he is doing now, but from the great Six Feet Under of many years ago).

Julie Louis -Dreyfus is always fun and tonight there was speculation about whether she would or would not win her 9th Emmy, which would be an Emmy record.

Laverne Cox used the red carpet as an opportunity to plug an October 8 event regarding Title 7, prohibiting discrimination of LGBT people in employment.

Ned came in and saw me taking notes and said I was "cute."  He brought me dinner to eat in my chair while continuing to take notes.  The four pages of notes I took remind me of why I never take notes when reviewing a show.  If these notes are illegible and were written under a nice lamp, no wonder I can never read anything I write in the dark!

This year there was no MC for the show and it was kind all over the place, using cartoon characters like Homer Simpson, but the opening was kind of cool and brought Bryan Cranston on to the stage.

The first award was for supporting actress in a comedy and went to Alex Borstein, the "publicist" for Mrs. Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The next award was for supporting actor and went to my favorite Tony Shaloub, also for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).  Shaloub got up and admitted he hated people who read long lists of names nobody ever heard of and then pulled a paper from his jacket, apologized and said he had to do it.  "Deal with it."  (Surprising that he had that reaction since he won so many Emmys for Monk, you'd think he'd have it down to a science by now!)

The writing award for comedy went to the writers of Fleabag, a show I had never heard of which would go on to dominate the evening in all the non Game of Thrones categories.  I'm curious about it, but am unlikely to see it anytime soon because it's a Netflix show and until we get our internet speed increased, the "buffering" interruptions are just too annoying.

At one of the early commercial breaks I  realized we were watching a commercial for a medication to combat HIV.  Certainly would not have seen THAT five years ago!

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel did a funny bit, pretending to be very huffy that the show had NO host when either of them could have done a great job of it and without a host, there  was no place for them at the show.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge robbed Julia Louis Dryfus of her 9th Emmy, which was fine with me.  I never watched Veep because it conflicted with something else, and it was nice to see someone else win.  Waller-Bridge also wrote the script (which was also a winner), which had come out of her one-woman comedy show in London.  But it's on Prime Video and, again, unless we have faster internet speed, I can't check it out...well, I can, but it will just make me angry because of all the "buffering."

There was a salute to Game of Thrones (seemed silly since it won so many awards through the night) all just to bring the cast on stage so they could introduce someone who would present the award for actress in a limited series, which went to Patricia Arquette for The Act, another show I'd never heard of.  But Arquette made a tearful statement about her sister, Alexis, who transgendered in 2000, and who died of cardiac arrest in 2016, while she was also battling HIV.  She also gave a powerful speech about transgender rights.

Best actor in a limited series went to Jharrel Jerome for When They See Us, the movie based on the 1989 arrest of five teens, four black and one Latino, who were accused of the sexual assault of a female jogger in Central Park.  This is the case that Donald Trump, in his pre-presidential days, fought to get the death penalty for the five, who were exonerated in 2002.  Not surprisingly, as recently as this year, when asked about the case, Trump still maintains they were guilty and should not have been exonerated. The five now men, were in the Emmy audience and received a standing ovation when they were asked to stand.  Many in the audience (and Jharrel Jerome himself) had tears streaming down their faces.

The award for best competition series went, again, to RuPaul, whose suit was a sight to behold.  RuPaul himself won the award for best Reality Host, his second in a row.  He said, ""Thank you guys so much! All these beautiful people...We are so proud of this show, and we ware so happy for all the gorgeous kids who come on and show how fabulous they are."

He also took a second to encourage everyone to visit vote.gov to register to vote in the upcoming elections because exercising your right to vote is always a great idea!

Michelle Williams, who won the Emmy for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV movie for Fosse/Verdon had nothing but good things to say for her directors, who listened to her, followed her suggestions, and paid her the same as her male co-star.  She stressed the value of sexual equality in the workplace.

Billy Porter took home the award for Best Actor, Drama for his role in Pose (another show I had never heard of).  He had a fetching hat.  I remember last year his Emmy costume had been designed by Christian Siriano (former winner on Project Runway)  It was a gorgeous tuxedo from the waist up and a beautiful frilly dress from the waist down.  Sounds weird but...you know?...it worked.

I think Porter was the only winner tonight who thanked his husband (and said the words "my husband.")

James Cordon announced that the award for best TV movie went to something called Bandersnatch, which I've never heard of. 

All the regular guys were up for the award for late night talk show--Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver and one more.  John Oliver took home the award, and later the individual award for best host.

There was a section of goodbye to shows that ended in 2019, and I found myself tearing up at the goodbye to Big Bang Theory.

Someone named Halsey sang the memorial song as the photos played on the screen and I found that most of those who died were people whose names I didn't recognize because they were not "stars" but writers, directors, etc., though of course I did recognize people like Doris Day and Carol Channing.

The thing about the song though is...look at that dress...is that a "mourning" dress?  She looks like she's wearing short-shorts.  I felt old lady indignation and found it hard to watch her.

Viola Davis presented the award for the Best Actor in a dramatic show which, not surprisingly, went to Peter Dinklage, who has won the award seven times before for his role in Game of Thrones.  He has also won 14 Screen Actors Guild awards.

But the thing about Davis was that she was walking oddly and looked like she was wearing fancy tennis shoes.  But with how much her décolletage showed, I was probably the only won looking at her feet.

When the award for best writing in a drama did NOT go to Better Call Saul, Ned told me I could quote him saying that was "bullshit."  He is as rabid about Better Call Saul as he is about Andrew Yang's candidacy for president.

By the time they got around  to best actress in a drama series (Jodie Comer for Killing Eve) I was deciding I didn't like this "no host" business because the show lacked continuity and there were lots of dead spots that a host would have filled nicely.

I wasn't even interested in the two big winners -- Fleabag as best comedy and Game of Thrones (what else?) in the drama category.  I'd never seen either and I didn't care.

But it's all over for another year and maybe with Dish Network I'll be able to see more of the kinds of shows that I missed last year because of conflicts with other shows I was recording (we can record up to 12 shows at a time now).


Look who's back in California again.
(this time she's staying in Santa Barbara)

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