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13 September 2019

Davis is one of the most politically correct cities in the country, I think.  At least we in Davis consider ourselves one of the most politically correct cities.  It is known as the city of all things right and relevant (there is even a thrift store called "All things Right and Relevant.").  We have the very first solar energy / planned community in the country (Rosalynn Carter was here to celebrate its opening).  We are a nuclear free zone (don't drop those nukes here!) and I think we may be if not "the" first, at least one of the first cities which banned smoking in all establishments (there is a huge page of rules about where one cannot smoke).  If plastic straws are not completely banned they have been being removed from most places where one gets cold drinks.

In addition to all of the Davis rules, there are also my personal rules.  I keep a list of places where I won't shop any more, for one reason or another.  I won't shop any more at the place where I got all of my bike equipment in my biking days because I realized how homophobic they are.  Same reason I won't eat at Chick-Fil-a or Burger King because of the money they donated to fight gay marriage.  Now comes the list of businesses which are big Trump supporters.  I rarely frequent any of them, and had not been to Taco Bell in a very long time until we went with Lacie recently (it's her favorite restaurant).  The quality of the food had deteriorated so much that it doesn't bother me not to frequent Taco Bell any more.  I am more likely to go to McDonald's once in awhile for a plain cheese burger.  But I go so infrequently that giving it up for political reasons is no problem...nor is it going to affect the bottom line of McDonald's, but I feel like I'm making my own personal statement.

But yesterday I sinned.  I took my mother to Kaiser to have a lesion checked on her back.  Trips to Kaiser have gotten more and more complicated with her diminishing memory.  She can't figure out how  to get out of the car and I am trying to keep her from falling out of the car while at the same time I'm trying to get a walker out of the trunk and set up for her to use.  She can't figure out how to use the walker.  She had to go to the bathroom, which was a major deal.  After complaining that she had to pee, when we finally managed to stagger into the bathroom and into the stall, she didn't know why she was there, couldn't figure out how to get her pants down, didn't know what to do when I finally got her on the toilet, etc.  It was that way with everything -- doctor's exam, nurse care for the wound, blood testing, etc.  Then back into the car. She has forgotten the word for "hot" and when we left the air conditioned building to go out into the sun, she complained that it was too cold.

All I wanted was a cold drink, but the only fast food place between the Davis Kaiser and Eldervilla was...McDonald's.  Politics aside, I decided to just get something to drink.  But I paid for my "sin."  Somewhere in my purse is a $20 bill.  Could I find it?  Of course not.  I ordered a medium Peach Slushie, figuring we could share it.  It came to $1.63 and I could not find any money.  I was literally counting out PENNIES from the spare change that we keep in the door.  Because I had already had to stop the car in the drive-up lane, get out, and get my purse of out of the back seat before ordering, I knew the car behind me already hated me.  I managed to come up with $1.63 and had 2 cents left over. 

Then I committed my second sin -- I asked for TWO plastic straws, figuring we could share the slushie. I had no idea my mother doesn't remember how to use a straw any more, so not only did I get a plastic straw, but I wasted it as well.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted from trying to handle her by myself and immediately took a nap and almost missed the latest presidential debate. 

She has to go back for a nurse appointment on Monday and Sandy has volunteered to take her, but I will do it.  It will be easier because we won't have to walk all over Kaiser this time.  This was the first time she'd been out of Eldervilla since she moved in in March.  I tried talking to her on the ride to Kaiser, but she didn't say a word.  She didn't even notice how beautiful the trees were or how new all the cars are.  She did, at Kaiser, tell me that she wouldn't want to be there with anybody but me and when her back was turned to me while the doctor was examining her, she asked "where's Bev?" so that was nice.  Though she also asked me where my brother was and didn't seem to believe I didn't have a brother.

Ned and Marta spent the night in Sacramento.  He was here at 7 this morning with another carload of "stuff" and says they probably have one more full car of stuff before they are completely out of their old house.  I can't believe how hard that guy is working.  I'll be glad when they are only here and can start figuring out where to put things (and since this is the "10 year project" we have to decide whose things we are keeping and whose we are throwing away.  How many cupcake pans does one need, for example!)  By the time this arrangement ends, whether by death or relocating, I will no longer be making muffins I suspect.

While Ned is racing around like a chicken with his head cut off, I have been trying to figure out the new Dish network.  I think I'm going to like it when I finally figure out how it all works.


My sister died 48 years ago today

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