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12 September 2019

When the four of us had our first dinner together, Ned announced that he's thinking of this as "the 10 year project."  I was taken aback, thinking that in 10 years I will be 86 and imagining living with Marta and Ned in this house when I am pushing 90. 

We haven't killed each other yet, but yesterday was lots of chaos.  Marta went off to work at 7, and I smiled watching Ned on the floor giving belly skritches  to both dogs, who seem to be accepting each other.  They will never be "friends," I don't think, but at least they are tolerating each other and occasionally doing butt sniffing, which I consider a good sign.

Around 9, David arrived to install our Dish network.  It turned out to be an all-day project.  We have five  TVs in the house--one in the family room, one in my office, one in the master bedroom, one in Ned & Marta's bedroom and one in their "living room."  It took the better part of the day just getting the dish installed and then connecting each TV to the dish. 

When they were finally all installed, David gave us the instruction, which took about half an hour.  So much to learn! 

I was looking at the instructional video that comes with the service this morning and the thing does more than I realized and I'm going to have to study it.  My favorite function, though (Marta's too) is voice activation.  We had a great time using it last night to set up recordings and favorite channels.  Unfortunately, this morning it doesn't seem to be working.  David told us the system would update last night so maybe something changed.

Walt went off to work and while David set up Dish, Ned worked on starting to build shelves in the laundry room.

I've been wanting to get the canned good organized in forever and this is a great start.  While he was doing that, I was sitting in the living room because there was no place for me to go--David needed my office as well as everything else.  I forgot to write an article I was supposed to have submitted to the paper (fortunately it will now be combined with another article in a week).

I got a text from Sandy with pictures of a lesion my mother has on her breast and on her back and he says she needs to see her doctor (even I can see that).  I told him I couldn't take her in right then, but I'd pick her up the next day.

I waited till Dish was finished and instructed before going to the store, but it was so late, not only did I not meet the 6 p.m. compromise dinner deadline, it was 9 before we had dinner.  Part of the delay was because I reached in to get a bowl and discovered that the blade to the mandolin slicer had not been locked before it was put away, and I slashed 3 fingers and was dripping blood all over the kitchen.

Ned stayed here for dinner, but then went back to Sacramento for the night to load up another bunch of stuff.  They have to be out of the house by Sunday.

I played around with Dish for awhile trying its various functions, most of which were frustrating since there is no good instruction either in the book that comes with it, or on the videos I found on line.  It tells you what wonderful thing it will do, but not how to do it!  It's just a bit of trying something, getting screwed up and then trying to figure out how to get out of it...and then remember what I did!  I did, however, manage to connect with YouTube and watched a video of Paul from his last show, which was kind of nice on the big screen.

Now to take my mother to the doctor.  It's the first time she's been out of Eldervilla since she moved in six months ago.  I wonder how it's going to go...




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