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11 September 2019

Some days are better than others.

When we went to Eldervilla for her birthday, I meant to bring along the box of See's candy I had bought for her but left it behind.  I didn't get there on Sunday or Monday, but Tuesday was the day I was going to take it to her.

When I got there, she was in her room, sleeping.  Sandy tries so hard to make visits "better."  He tried waking her up, but she was having none of it.  Whenever he shook her and tried to let her know I was there, she was very angry and told him to leave her alone.  She would open one eye and then shut it again.  And she looked very cozy under her family photo blanket.

  He explained that she had a shower and lunch and it had relaxed her.  I finally told him to just leave her room and I'd sit there with her, which I did for half an hour.  She would occasionally open that eye and glare at me, and then close it again.  I never did make contact with her and left after half an hour.

I realized while I was there that I didn't have to "visit" with her.  It was just nice being with her.  I read a book while she slept and it was just very nice and not having to try to enter into her fantasy conversations.  I left feeling like I had spent a nice time with her, though the only thing she said to me in 30 minutes was "goodbye," when I kissed her and told her goodbye.

I realized that we've reached "hunnert" and the only goal waiting in the future is her death, so I'm happy to spend what time I have with her and I don't need for her to be awake for me to do that.

The picture on the wall, by the way, is the only picture ever taken of her entire family.

I had lunch with my friend Kathleen, our monthly lunch -- my second at Big Bear Diner this week (I ate there with Jeri about a week ago)  As usual there was a lot to discuss what with the yard sale, my mother's birthday, her grandson's starting college and then all this weeks scandals from Washington, DC.  It's amazing to me how #45 can do something illegal nearly every day and nobody says a word about it, and remember what a scandal it caused when Obama wore a brown suit?  Ohmy what a terrible insult to the presidency.  But everything #45 does, from being Putin's bitch to spending more money by landing planes on his own golf courses, to keeping those kids locked up away from their parents, to raking in thousands of dollars in hotel fees from people staying at Trump hotels, etc. is ignored by a republican party I just can't even consider as working for the people any more.  Not one single one of them will speak out against anything and I guess  the ones who let it bother them are the ones who have resigned.

It was Ned and Marta's first night "living here."  Ned cooked dinner, which I loved.  He likes to cook and I don't enjoy it much any more, so sharing cooking duties is going to be a real pleasure for me.

The dogs are adjusting to each other.  They have gone from growling at each other to ignoring each other and this morning actually sniffing each other in a morning greeting.  I was so cute watching Ned saying good morning to both, with scritches, belly rubs, and al the other doggie things that one does with dogs.  Polly seems to have really taken to him, finally.

They aren't completely out of their Sacramento house for a couple of days yet but Marta explained this morning that this house is "home" and the other place is "the house."

Today we are having Dish network installed. Walt does not do change well and is nervous about losing our Comcast, which we have had forever, but Ned assures us this will be GREAT and that we can record 16 shows at a time, which is not exactly something I've been dreaming of, but I'm sure will come in handy when there are nights with 3 conflicting programs.  It did hurt, though, erasing all those programs I've saved--the elephant specials, and favorite episodes of Outlander, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon and NCIS.


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