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10 September 2019

Today was the day.  The movers moved all the heavy stuff from Sacramento to our house, and Ned and Marta are spending their first night here.

Ned supervised with the move in, especially the washer and dryer, which are bigger than ours and which are going to be tricky to fit in and still give us lots of storage space.

The living room, which had been getting slowly emptied, is full again, now with Ned and Marta's stuff, which is slowly making its way upstairs, as they get settled in their "apartment."  I can't get to the couch in the living room any more, but Ned fixed a chaise lounge for me, which may be more comfortable to sleep on.  I'll see tonight.

We've made our first compromise.  They normally eat dinner at 5, we eat at 7:30, so we have compromised at eating at 6.  I cooked dinner tonight and Ned is cooking tomorrow night.  Heck, if Ned's going to cook, I'll eat diner at 4!

On Wednesday, Marta has arranged for someone from Dish Network to come and change our TV.  She  tells me that the new provider will allow us to record sixteen shows at once and each of our five televisions can be watching another show.  I think it unlikely THAT will ever happen, but who knows?  Ned and I might get carried away.

Next she's going to be sure we have a faster internet connection, and will help Walt get his Gmail set up the way he wants, which he has been unable to figure out.  She points out that there are more things in Gmail than he needs and she hopes to get rid of them and make it as simple as he needs.

There is a bit of a twinge, considering the new TV provider.  I am losing everything that I have recorded on our Xfinity DVR.  The things I recorded to just watch are no problem, but the things I recorded to keep  (elephant videos, special episodes of NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon and Outlander, for example.  And o no! -- Pride and Prejudice.  I may never sleep again!).  But owell.  In the end it is going to be so much better

So we have had our years of being empty nesters and now we are no longer empty nesters.  I'm eager for things to finally settle down so we can start living and not just organizing.



When the first florist didn't deliver flowers for 3 days,,
Char ordered a second order from someone else.  I love this picture.

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