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9 September 2019

With the yard sale over and my mother nicely ensconced into her second century, there was nothing to do today but nap.  And I did.  I slept till about 9, then took a late morning nap, and another mid-afternoon nap which lasted until nearly 7.  So it's not surprising that at 2 a.m., I am wide awake and writing this journal.

I was the only slug-a-bed in the house, though.  Ned, who spent the night, put in a new floor in the laundry room before he left to go home.

He and Jeri moved the washer and dryer out to the patio last night.  I don't know why it tickled me so much to see them hauling those heavy appliances.  But it's nice when you have kids and so their 78 year old Dad doesn't have to help.

Today is The Big Day and movers are bringing all the heavy stuff over from Sacramento, so we will have Ned and Marta's washer and dryer (which are stacked, which will give us more room).  Today will be their first day as the new residents of the family home.  It's going to be an interesting adjustment.

Jeri flew home on the red-eye tonight.  In fact, when I woke up at  6:45 from my long nap, she had started dinner because she needed to eat before she left.  But we cooked the Home Chef meal together and she got fed before time for her to leave.

She's been here 3 weeks and the time has flown by.  She has had something to do every day, visiting friends, and getting in a yoga class nearly every day, and a long bike ride every day.  I'm impressed with her commitment to physical fitness!

We talked about the "stuff" we have gone through and the things that had been eliminated vs. the things that brought us "joy," as they teach in the KonMari method of decluttering. These are two things that brought us joy.

"Joy" is in the mind of the beholder.  This is my beloved "delicate Pooh" about whom I have written often -- he's what I would save if our house caught on fire.  And on top of Delicate Pooh is a jar of "authentic volcanic ash," collected in Oregon shortly after the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helen's.  The "joy" is in the memory of the experience of collecting the ash, which the kids then sold at a lemonade stand.  This might have made it into the yard sale, but we didn't think anybody would buy it---and it does bring us joy.

So, today starts our new life, with Ned and Marta, and I am looking forward to starting to get things organized around here and maybe find our kitchen table again!


Flowers Char sent to my mother for her birthday.

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