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8 September 2019

The party was a great success.  I think she even realized, a few times, that it was a special day for her.

I made a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.  The frosting was too soft to make regular flowers, so I improvised.  I think they turned out all right (and I didn't have to find out if I still remember how to make frosting roses!)

Norm, Olivia and Alice Nan arrived around 11:30 and we had lunch before heading over to Eldervilla.  Ned was with us, but Marta had gone to the airport to get Tom.  We all took over Eldervilla.  I was tickled at how clean everything was...it's always clean, but it was obvious they had gone out of their way to make it look especially tidy.

My mother was confused, but Jeri talked to her while the confusing of everyone arriving was going on and it settled her down.

Jeri brought her clarinet for "Happy Birthday" but she tickled Jeannie when she played "Show me the Way to go Home" for her (it's a song Jeannie sings constantly).

Everybody sang and we passed cake around.  I left the leftover cake with Mala, who kindly washed the pan for me.

(blowing out her candles)

We took dozens of family group pictures.  It was unusual to have the whole family there and I wanted to be sure we got a good picture.

I got us out of there before she got too sleepy, but I was so pleased with how it had all gone.  And now it's over!

Ned, Jeri, Walt and I came home and Ned decided to make vodka tonics (my mother's favorite drink in the days when she was drinking) and stuffed eggs, for which she has always been noted.  It was a nice touch.

My emotions were all over the place today, and often I was brought to tears, not by sadness, but just by what was going on itself.  I love how much the kids love their grandmother and how each one of them found a way to make the day special for her.


I love this picture.  Tom flew up from Santa Barbara in the morning
and then drove back to Santa Barbara with Alice Nan when the party was over.

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