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4 September 2019

Even though we had just seen (the other) Jeri and Phil at the yard sale on Saturday, I never pass up an opportunity to have lunch at Fentons, and so we met them at noon at Fentons.

It was our annual Fentons-with-Jeri lunch before they head back to Arizona and we won't see them again, now, until our next year's lunch at Fenton's.  We had hoped Char was going to be able to join us, but she had other plans, so it was just the four of us.

I have often written here about lunches at Fenton's and how much I love their crab salad sandwiches but what I really like is having a vanilla malt.

Fenton's is famous for its ice cream creations and while I would never order a malt in any other restaurant (the whole "fat lady eating ice cream in pubic" idea), you kind of go to Fenton's for ice cream and I'm not the only fat lady having ice cream, so I do.  Besides, now I've just started a one-month photo journal and what better picture than something dripping with real whipped cream.

I had hoped to get a picture of one of their really sinful sundaes, but none of them on display were as photogenic as I'd hoped.

The fat-lady-eating-ice cream thing won't let me order one of these.  And actually I suspect I wouldn't be able to finish it, but the malt is a nice substitute.

Ned worked on moving things in and organizing some things.  I actually have somewhat less than half a living room again, which is nice.  He put in my father's old record case and all of the records, theirs and ours, and it is now full...and all those boxes out of here.  I noticed a stack of boxes marked "photo albums" and realized that they are not MY photo albums.  Obviously I raised  the right kind of kid.  Where we are going to put our library full of albums, his and mine, is a real challenge.

Jeri got back from Oakland and was here briefly and then went off to their friend Greg's house for dinner and then to spend the night.  Ned left shortly after that to join her at Greg's for dinner and the night, so we were alone again with just Polly.

I've always said that caffeine doesn't bother me as far as sleeping is concerned. and I kind of proved that last night.  I went to sleep around 11 and, as usual, was up again in 3 hours.  I could not get back to sleep again and finally turned on the TV hoping it would put me to sleep (which it didn't) and, around 5 decided I was up for the night so I might as well fix coffee.  I turned on the coffee, poured myself a mug and drank about half a cup of it and finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until 9.


Another Fenton's lunch!

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