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3 September 2019

A day to relax and recover from the weekend.  I didn't have much to "recover" from, since my day was spent sitting outside with Polly next to me, but the others were on their feet for two days, working constantly, socializing with the customers, and at the end, counting up the proceeds from the day.

Yesterday afternoon I realized that we forgot to put out the brand new computer printer that we found which had never even been opened.   This may actually be a good thing because we were selling things so cheaply we probably would have charged $10.  Now I'll put it on the "Next Door" web site for about $30 or so.  Still an incredibly cheap deal.

The Isaacsons arrived after noon to pick up the stuff Jan had purchased on Saturday (a chair and other things).  Steve and Jan Isaacson founded the Davis Musical Theatre Company 34 years ago. Jeri and Paul were in The Music Man, the show they did before officially starting their own theater company (as Steve tells it, Jan woke him up in the middle of the night and said "we're going to start a musical theatre company and we're going to perform all the traditional musicals).  Walt was their first set builder and built sets for a couple of years (he was painting the Act 3 for Peter Pan, the first show, while Act 1 was going on).  Thirty-four years later they're still going strong, now in their own theater.

When I saw the two of them with Ben Bruening, who has been involved in many capacities with the company for many years, I knew I had to take a photo.  They not only took the things Jan bought on Saturday, but a couple of more things that Ned suggested they take.  All were very happy.

Our numbers kept shrinking.  Jeri had taken the  train to Oakland the night before.  Marta left for their Sacramento house (and later, work) early in the morning.  Alice Nan left for their brother's house around 11 and Ned stuck around until around 2 and then he went home too.  Bouncer had gone home with Marta, so by afternoon, Walt and I were all alone in the house...who knows?  Maybe for the last time.  After all the hoopla of the past couple of weeks, it seemed strange  that NOBODY else was in the house.

Ned will be here this morning and Jeri returns by train this afternoon.  For the next two weeks, Ned and Marta will be moving their stuff over and then in about a week, they've hired someone to do the heavy lifting stuff and move it all over here, so will be here forever.

Walt's brother Norm and wife Olivia are coming on Saturday to be here to celebrate my mother's  birthday.  Tom flies in Saturday morning to be here  too (we are going to fill Eldervilla!)

The big decision that needs to be made for Ned and Marta's move is about cable and internet.  We have a very slow modem which is driving Ned and Marta nuts because they have a fast connection.  Marta is investigating our best option to get a bundle that combines TV. telephone and computer and gives us a faster internet connection.  I've known for a long time that we should do that, but we have had Davis Community Network for as long as internet has been available in Davis (the first year, 1,000 of us were given a year free, as the city wanted to see if they could get everyone using the internet).

It was a great deal.  Not only did we have internet access, but also lots of classes in how best to use it as well.  I remember the night we tried to see how far we could get in accessing another user.  I think I got as far as halfway across the country.  Someone else managed to connect with someone in India.  I can't even remember how we did that now.  Seems VERY basic in this day of email anywhere.

So today Walt and I are back at Fentons for lunch.  More crab and Fenton's ice cream goodies.

The rest if the day will be spent, pretty much like yesterday, watching at a  48 hour M*A*S*H marathon.  It's amazing how that show holds up all these many years later.


Ned photobombs the Davis Musical Theater crew.

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