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2 September 2019

This was one of the strangest yard sales.  Day #2 was more relaxed, but still after the first couple of hours, steady customers.

Ned kept refilling spots that got emptied.  He had me go through all of my tsatskes from the etageres and decide which I didn't need any more, so there was a lot of that sort of thing for the sale tables. Alice Nan was still making pricing stickers all afternoon, even as the others were cleaning up at the end of the day!

Marta made GREAT signs that, combined with ridiculously low prices, helped the bigger pieces sell.

In fact the prices were so low that one guy insisted in paying MORE than we were asking because he felt what he was buying was worth more. Someone brought us a box of plums.

The gal who  bought this dresser was thrilled with it.  We're not sure why; maybe the sign sold it.

The apples were again a big hit. In fact one guy couldn't believe we'd let him take the whole box, which wanted for his horses.  He told me he would tell the horses that Beverly sent them. When he left, Ned picked another box full.  I was happy to know they were going to horses.

I had a few pangs today, watching my life history leave.  It was hard to see Gilbert's etageres go.  Ned helped the woman who bought them (who is a neighbor) take it to her house and he reported that she is so thrilled with them that when he went back later, she already had them set up and says when she gets finished she wants me to come over and see how they look. She was so happy she sent us 2 jars of home made soup.  Knowing that someone who loves them so much has them made the pang of letting them go easier.

One little kid -- Jasper -- was great.  I'm not sure how old he is, but maybe...10?  He was fascinated with a calculator.

He asked Ned all sorts of questions about how it worked, how the numbers got onto the paper, why there was paper in it...this is a computer kid and said he had never seen a typewriter.  Later, Jeri gave him the same kind of explanation of how a movie projector works and still later he was asking Marta about film cameras.  He'll be an engineer when he grows up!  (He's obviously a chip off the old block; one of his two dads bought a vase that had belonged to my godmother and he wanted to know how old it was and we decided it probably was purchased in the 1920s. -- found out later it's apparently very expensive.  He got a good deal.)

The day was so much quieter, we let the dogs stay out when they snuck out through the back fence.  I was amazed at Polly, who did not, as she usually does, run into the street, but spent most of her time lying down next to me and didn't bark once.

In the afternoon, Jeri and I went out to bring Chinese food home, which we picked on for both lunch and dinner.

Around 3, my friends Nancy and Judy came  by.  Both volunteer with "All Things Right and Relevant," a thrift in shop that raises money for mental health groups.  They packed up boxes to fill Nancy's car and will take them in.  There are still big pieces left, but someone sent me the email of a group called Habitat for ReStore, which will pick up furniture like that and raises money for Habitat for Humanity.  I will call them on Tuesday.

It was just such a great day and what better way to end it than watching Mission Impossible 1 with Alice Nan, who is such a great audience.

So it's over except for getting rid of the leftovers, which we'll deal with on Tuesday.  Everyone needs a day off.  Jeri took the train to Oakland in the evening to spend a couple of days.  In the evening she sent us a video of a song she and their friend K.C. wrote, called "Yard Sale."

Considering how cheaply everything was being sold for on Day #2 it's amazing that they made over $200.  Grand total for two days was enough money to buy a new couch for the living room, which Ned and Marta want to do.




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