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1 September 2019

It's the first of September, which means that in a mere, now six days, my mother will turn 100.  I decided to decorate this month appropriately, though she will never know and/or appreciate it!

As I write this, Day 1 of the Grand Yard Sale is over and we look forward to Day 2 tomorrow and then being FINISHED with it.  How did it go?  Well...pretty darn well.

Ned, Marta, Jeri and Alice Nan worked their tails off on Friday, getting things organized and priced.  When everyone had reached the dropping point, Ned was off on his bike to post signs all over the neighborhood with arrows as to which direction people were to go.  Some people said it was those signs that brought them here.  If Ned knows anything it's how to organize an event!

Then Ned was up at 4 a.m. to get it all ready for the first customers.  Technically we started at 7, but naturally the first guy was there at 6:30.  But you can't be angry with him...he bought almost all of the stereo equipment and Walt's Lionel train set and paid $75 for the lot.  A good way to start the day...and a great bargain for him.

The house must have looked pretty amazing as people drove by.

Everything literally went from the street to the back yard and they had organized it in such a great fashion, so that everything was attractively accessible, reasonably priced (a Cuisinart for $10??).

I guess I was kind of "live blogging" because I kept taking pictures of things I thought would bring people out and then posting them on Facebook...also keeping up with the questions people who had seen the photos were asking by email. 

Around 7:30, our friend Jessica arrived with a big bag full of fixings and she settled in to make aebelskivers for everyone.

There were aebelskivers, sausage, bacon and a huge fruit bowl and everyone definitely got their fill, to go along with the coffee Ned had brewed outside which was there for customers to take.  (Customers didn't get aebelskivers, though)

I have made such a big deal about having never tasted aebelskivers, though Tom's wife makes them and everyone else in the family has--I've just always been at the wrong place at the right time--that this became a big deal that Jeri felt needed to be recorded.

We were so amazingly grateful to Jessica for giving us love and sustenance.

Mid morning, my friend/Jeri's godmother Jeri arrived with her husband Phil.  They live in Arizona and had been visiting her son nearby.  He had something else to do today so suggested that they come to the yard sale.  We were so glad (and surprised!) to see them.

From time to time I found myself getting nostalgic watching 45 years of our family history being sold to strangers, who paid a pittance for those golden memories.  But...it was time.

The hardest to say goodbye to were the two glass and brass etageres which had belonged to Gilbert.  He bought them shortly before he died and he was so proud of them that after he died, I bought the contents of his house just to "take care of" the etageres for him.  I've taken care of them for 33 years and it was time to let them go, but not without a pang.

There was not a slow point in the whole day.  In the morning there were the yard sale professionals, then came older neighborhood folks, and in the later morning younger, student types looking for furniture.  When I first got up in the morning I prayed that the day would not be disappointing for Ned especially and I think it succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations.  We were selling very cheap, the purpose  to get rid of all this stuff and even selling so low, he still took in just short of $1,000.  But best of all, probably more than half of what was on display in the morning was gone.

There is enough left over, and more that never made it out, that we will continue the sale tomorrow and then hopefully find some place to donate the leftovers so they don't go back in the house again.

When business had shut down for the day, it was time to relax and soak your feet for awhile.  Even the dog was exhausted.

In the evening we munched leftovers and all watched Air Force One, which I think Ned and I have seen 3 times in the past few weeks, but the others had not seen.  Just as gripping as it always is.

So thank goodness that's almost over and now it's on to the much less stressful task of preparing to celebrate my mother's 100th birthday in a week.


only one of these things sold; guess which one.

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