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31 October 2019

I'm not sure if I prefer "visiting" with my mother when she's awake or when she's asleep.  The last time I was there, I spent half an hour holding her hand, while she slept, dead to the world.

Today she was awake, just coming out of the shower.  She was decidedly grumpy and she looked at me and I could tell she didn't have a clue who I was.  She refused to make eye contact and whenever I tried to talk with her, she ignored me. 

But I was able to feed her the scrambled eggs she was ignoring and between me and Mala, we were able to get the eggs down.  She loved her coffee, though.

At one point, Mala pointed my mother in my direction and said "Do you know who this is?"  She said "Of course--it's my husband."  So I wasn't her mother or her sister, but Fred Rynders today.

At least Sandy wasn't there.  I appreciate him so much but he's determined he can get her to talk with me and, really, I'm happy just being with her, and, if she's sleeping, holding her hand.  It's actually better than having her continually not know who I am.

I decided that with all these scrapbook accessible to me now, I would try to scan photos of Halloweens of the past.  I'm amazed that I found so few of the kids' early years.  I really hoped to get a picture of the year that Tom was "Diaper man" but amazingly I didn't seem to take pictures that year!  However these two, from the pumpkin patch and their costumes were from 1970, when Tom was a baby.

And there was this one from 1978

I have no idea what these costumes are supposed to be, but I notice that Ned is wearing a cast on his leg from when he fell out of a tree on our vacation on an Indian reservation in Ashland, Montana.

I'm still looking for more Halloween pictures,  but I'm having a good time reliving all the years that these books cover!

Walt and I are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  We will help Alice Nan's husband celebrate his retirement.  Because so many people are coming to town, we have to stay in a motel this time, and that's always such a hassle to use my computer.

SO.  I'm doing Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing before I leave and will link to them and then write Monday's entry when I get home. 

Sadly, Ned and Marta were coming too, but the stress of the past month has finally hit Ned and he has come down with shingles and is too uncomfortable to drive 400 miles to spend the weekend having the grandkids climb all over him.  So he and Marta are holding down the fort while we're gone.


Halloween in Davis this week

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