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29 October 2019

One thing I've learned, over and over again, in my 76 years is that whatever is bad for you, or socially unacceptable will be, if you wait long enough, good for you eventually.  I've never followed food taboos, for example.  For years I kind of felt guilty because I love butter and hate margarine, but everybody told me that butter was bad for me.  Lo and behold there came that wonderful day when scientists discovered that there was bad stuff in margarine, and that butter was really the better spread for you.  Vindicated!  Same as the wonderful day when they told us that chocolate (in small amounts) was really good for you.  Walt likes all the studies that talk about wine being good for you.

I was thrilled when they decided liver was bad for you, after so many years hating it and feeling guilty because it was supposed to be so good for you.

If I had ever been a person who followed fashion I would pay attention to whenever it is that is supposed to be terrible if you wear white after a certain time.  But I don't wear white anyway, so it didn't mean anything to me.  But suddenly one day, it was OK to wear white whenever you wanted. 

What I've heard for years is how bad it is for women to eat in a restaurant alone.  I always thought that a ridiculous thing, but I have known women who would starve rather than eat in a restaurant alone.

I have been eating in restaurants by myself for it seems all my life.  I have no problem whatsoever going to Denny's or to some fancy restaurant by myself if it's mealtime and I want to have something to eat.  I never feel uncomfortable about it, and frequently wonder why it is that women are not supposed to eat alone in restaurants.

This morning I saw a report on how the new thing is people eating alone.  Men or women, they love eating alone.  Once again I felt vindicated.  But the thing that shocked me about the report was one woman they interviewed who loved eating alone.  She was married and had two children and said that they try to eat one meal a week together as a family and t he rest of the time they are on their on.

I may find it nice to eat in a restaurant alone, but I can't imagine only eating one family meal a week.  I have loved our family meals and probably the most fun was when we had a big round table in the years when we were hosting foreign students.  Sitting down with the seven of us and one or two (or maybe three) people from other countries was always fun.  There was a time when Nelson and Sonia (both from Brasil) decided that we would only speak Portuguese.  We all learned how to say "what do you call....," indicating the thing we wanted to talk about and most of the conversation consisted of learning the names of the things on the table.  The "talk in Portuguese" idea didn't last more than one meal, but it was fun.

It has been kind of lonely for a long time, with our empty nest and only Walt and me sitting at the table.  I never dreamed we would be the people who watch TV during dinner, but we were.  At least we didn't eat off TV trays.  But having Ned and Marta here is nice because we have family meals again, whether indoors or outdoors.

Ned makes sure the sound on the TV is off and we sit and talk.  How nice.  (Of course if it were normal people, the TV would be turned off, but Ned and I, being both TV junkies, don't think about doing that!)

Having the family meal again is nice, though it's still nice to eat alone now and then.  And it's nice to know that I'm trendy again.


The view from our dining room table
in San Francisco

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