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24 October 2019

When we learned we had to move to Davis, for Walt's job, we decided to have a house built.  We'd obviously never had a house built before and it was exciting to watch it come to life.  It was so exciting that sometimes I'd hop in the car in Oakland and drive the 70 miles on a Sunday morning just to see what they had done in the past week.

I'd drive up early in the morning, hitting 80 mph most of the way, weaving in and out among the slower cars, one eye on the road ahead and one on the rear view mirror to look for the Highway Patrol.  That I never got caught is some sort of a miracle.

In the years that we've lived in Davis, we frequently go to San Francisco (or, before my mother moved here, to San Rafael).  People can't believe that we'd go down and back in one day and not stay overnight in a motel.  But it's no big deal.  Takes about an hour and a half and if you hit the time just right the traffic isn't all that bad.

I don't know when I started to be nervous driving on the freeway.  I've always been afraid of big trucks, whether I'm driving or riding.

When I had my "whatever it was" last year and couldn't drive for about six months, first Ned and then Walt (who also couldn't drive for awhile) did all the driving.  Now I can drive again, but I rarely leave Davis, except to drive to nearby Woodland to visit my mother.  Highway 113 is usually pretty deserted.

So having to drive to Sacramento yesterday to have lunch with my friend Kathleen was a big deal, which I didn't realize until I got on the freeway.  Suddenly I didn't feel as comfortable, as safe, as I have all of my life.  Oh it wasn't bad, but I didn't like not feeling uncomfortable behind the wheel.  It just seemed that there were many more cars and lots more trucks than I wanted to be among.

In fact, I felt so uncomfortable behind the wheel on the freeway that I took the frontage road as far as I could leaving Davis, and when it came time to go home, instead of going the 3 blocks from Kathleen's house to highway  50, I drove through town and the back way through Old Sacramento and West Sacramento so I could avoid the freeway entirely and just hit it on the causeway going out of Sacramento.  When you get on on the causeway, You don't have to change lanes, just stay where you are until your off ramp.

I hate feeling like this because I was always so confident and comfortable behind the wheel, but maybe it's part of getting older.  I remember when Walt's mother moved to Sacramento and was fine driving around town, but wouldn't drive on the freeway, so Walt always had to drive to get her to bring her to our house for anything.

Our lunch was nice.  Kathleen had a bad accident last month.  She fell in her house and broke her hip.  She was on the floor for nearly 6 hours before help arrived and as she explained how that came to be when she was wearing an emergency button, I realized that those buttons are all different.  When I bought one for my mother, someone came to her house, connected it to her phone and then did a test to make sure that my mother could hear whoever was on the phone to check on her no matter which room she was in, and that the person on the other end could hear HER no matter which room she was in.

But Kathleen's button is different and though she could faintly hear someone checking on her on her phone in the kitchen, the person on the other end of the line could not hear Kathleen, who was at the other end of the house.  They finally managed to work things out, but how terrible to be on the cold linoleum for 5 hours waiting for help to arrive!

She can't drive yet.  We usually eat at a restaurant in Davis, but  this time she sent me her order for a sandwich and I went to Togos to get sandwiches for us.  It was kind of funny that Ned says when he gets a Togos sandwich, he always gets turkey because it brings him nice memories of his youth.  I always get a classic Italian sandwich, which I NEVER get otherwise, because I reminds me of when I was a kid and would stop at Woolworth's on Market Street in San Francisco before getting on the cable car and get one of their classic Italian sandwiches.  I was very happy when I discovered that Togo's makes them the same way.

Anyway, I don't have an emergency button and have often thought I should get one, but now I kind of think of Ned as my emergency button.  He's here most of the time and when he isn't he is usually back within a few hours.




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