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18 October 2019

Time for another Kiva loan.  I am continuing my cattle herd!  Laura is from Honduras.

Laura is a hardworking and dynamic woman with a business selling milk. She lives in a small rural village located approximately 30 km from the nearest city, called Aldea Montaņita.

She has succeeded thanks to the fact that she has 20 years of experience in the business and gets up every day at five in the morning to milk her cows with help from her children. It is admirable how she is respected for honesty in her community.

She requests the loan to purchase dairy cattle.

She dreams of one day being able to build a dairy processing center and thus provide work for women who are single mothers in her community. In the same way, she will improve her living conditions and those of her children.

Ned and I went to Woodland to visit my mother.  I try to go around lunch time, thinking that is a time when she is likely to be awake.  The last time I saw her, she was at the kitchen table, but with her head in her hands and pretty much unresponsive, though not sleeping

Today she was passed out cold in bed.  We stayed about half an hour, I guess, and she never woke up, though Ned got her to open her eyes and say hello and Sandy got a reaction out of here when he joked that he wanted her to kiss him (100 years old, severe dementia, and she still responds to men!)

So this was my visit with her.

She had her hands crossed over her chest, but I took one out of the covers and held it.  Just needed the physical connection with her, even though she didn't wake up.

Sandy says she now sometimes sleeps all day (and then sleeps most of the night too), and sometimes she's awake all day, so we've decided that I should call before I come to visit to see if it's an awake day or an asleep day.

But Sandy's report is that she's just fine now.  No more problems with anything except nighttime incontinence.




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