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17 October 2019

Has it finally happened?  Have I finally watched too much television?

Last night I watched the 3 Chicago programs that this week were linked.  Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD.  I have watched Chicago Med since it started and like it.  I tried Chicago PD but gave up after a few weeks.  But all three shows were like an hour and a half movie, with characters from each appearing in each hour. 

So the things that united them all was necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh eating bacteria.  As we find out over 3 hours, a scientist upset at not getting funding for his research into antidotes for the disease when it is contracted, infects a whole building and all sorts of people are rushed to the hospital with rotting skin -- arms, legs, stomachs, faces, etc.  It is essentially incurable and apparently sometimes it kills within hours, other times it takes longer, and if you catch it early enough surgery can cure it -- not sure how.

All the residents of the building are quarantined and not too happy about it, despite the fact that if they have the disease they can spread it everywhere.  Naturally they all eventually escape and the police is called in to help round them up.

Anyway, by the end, the bad guy is shot and life goes on. 

At the end -- and throughout -- I thought what a dumb plot it was and decided that the whole purpose of using necrotizing fasciitis was that it gave them a chance to film lots of yucky wounds and painful deaths.

I also watch The Resident, but had not seen it yet this week, so saw it and what is the first disease t hey are dealing with?  Necrotizing fasciitis!  Obviously the gross disease of the week!

But sub plots include a virulent bigot who turns out to have a split personality.  On an MRI, they discover something in his brain that turns him into the virulent bigot and they trick him into having surgery and remove it.  When he recovers, it turns out that he was the smart one and it was the good, normal guy properties that they removed and the virulent bigot was now the only personality -- plus, he can sue the hospital for performing surgery that he didn't authorize.

AND there is a guy who has a blood problem but neither he nor his girlfriend want it treated until the doctors discover that his problem is that he has too much iron in his blood, which comes because they are living as vampires and they drink each other's blood each day.  In order to be cured he has to give up drinking her blood, or he will die.  He chooses to die because he loves her.

Another totally stupid plot -- all three parts of it.

I am certain that though they have not said so, this is going to be NCIS's last season, and it's like the script writers just don't care.  The scripts lately have been so dumb.  This week there was someone who was chopping victims into pieces and sending the pieces to various people.  I can't even remember why now because it was all so silly that I stopped paying attention. 

Diona Reasonover is doing her best to be quirky as Kasie, but she's no Abby (Pauley Perette) and the show just hasn't been the same since Perette left.

And while it was nice to have Cote dePablo back as Ziva for 2 episodes, it wasn't the same because DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is running around Europe with their daughter, thinking that Ziva is dead.  Since Weatherly now has his own show (Bull) he can hardly come back so that special appearance is not going to go anywhere.

It was still kind of early when I made it through my recorded shows early (since we ate so early), I decided to watch this week's episode of Modern Family, which I have not watched in several years.  We used to watch reruns of it, mostly when the kids were still pretty young. I always  thought the show kind of funny, for a sitcom, but my heavens has it jumped the shark now.  It was just plain stupid.  Maybe I should watch more sitcoms?

Anyway by the time I went to sleep -- 10 p.m., amazingly -- I was wondering if maybe I'm just jaded from watching so much TV.

But The Blacklist is on tonight and I have hopes for a better show than last night's fare.




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