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16 October 2019

I got three new books this week.  Because the thing I need most is more books.

Two of them were Kindle books, one was a "real" book that you can hold in your hands.

Two were books I had pre-ordered when I first heard they were going to be published soon.  I didn't pay attention to when they were going to be published.  The other was an older book that I just learned about and had to buy.

The first Kindle book I got was "Get Happy," a book about Judy Garland, because a dozen or so books about her obviously aren't enough.  But I saw this book mentioned somewhere in a discussion of the new movie Judy (no I haven't seen it yet--it hasn't come to Davis yet).
 I couldn't resist.  A "new" Garland book.

You'd think that by now I know everything about Judy Garland, and to my great surprise the first few chapters were totally new to me.  They cover her very earliest years, from birth to when she was discovered by MGM, at about 13. 

Previous books have covered that period time in a few pages, not a few chapters.  I did not know, for example, that it was her mother who started her on pills because she and her sisters performed all over So. California for a couple of years and to keep her "up" the pills helped, and then sleeping pills when it was time to sleep.  Of course nobody knew at t he time how bad uppers and downers were.  So MGM didn't start it, they merely continued it.  I also didn't realize how many times she was NOT picked up by MGM.  It wasn't just an accident that she was discovered.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this book.

The second is Bill Bryson's latest book.

I've read almost all of his books, perhaps except for "A Short History of Nearly Everything."  The first of his books that I read was "The Mother Tongue," which remains one of my favorite books -- who knew that the history of how the English language developed could be so interesting?

Most of his books are sort of travelogues.  When we were in Cambridge (England), I saw "Notes from a Small Island" in the window of a bookstore, and bought it.  He lived in England for many years and before returning to the US, he took "one last trip" around England and wrote about all the little places he visited.  Ironically, we were doing exactly the same thing and it was fun reading the book as we were visiting a lot of the same places that he describes in the book. 

It was also fun reading his "In a Sunburned Country," both before and after I went to Australia.  Anyway, each of his books that I've read has been fun, and I'm looking forward to getting into this one.

The third book is Ashleigh Brilliant's tenth book.

Brilliant (his real name) is the creator of PotShots ("brilliant thoughts in 17 words or less").  It used to be easier to find PotShots postcards in the early days.  His first book, a collection of post cards, along with other brilliant thoughts, was published in 1978.  I bought the postcards frequently but now it's always a rare find when I see a store selling a few of them.

I don't have all the books, but I have several of them.

He lives in Santa Barbara and Alice Nan is a big fan so on her birthday a few years ago, her husband made arrangements for the two of them to have drinks with him.  As with most authors, he's more gregarious in print than in person, apparently!

He has a newsletter, which I have subscribed to, so I knew when his wife Dorothy died, and followed health reports both times he was in terrible accidents and wrote from the hospital and then recuperating at home.  He asked for help from readers for choosing the title for this book (this was not one I voted for).

Anyway, with all this new reading material, I have plenty to keep me busy when I'm not trying to catch up on all the things recorded on the DVD. 



(seems appropriate in these days of Trump stuff!)


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