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9 October 2019

A year ago, I did an entry about the new TV season which had just started.  I thought I would do that again this year.  With the new Dish network, we can record up to I think 12 shows at a time, so I'm not left with the decision of which show to record if there are 3 shows I want to see at the same time.

The new shows I thought I was interested in last year were Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, Manifest, God Friended Me, Jim Carey's Kidding, Murphy Brown, and A Million Different things.

I moaned about the impending ending of Big Bang Theory and I still miss it, but it will be on reruns forever (like M*A*S*H).  I thought Young Sheldon would not be back because Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon (the young version of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory is getting older, but he seems to be able to carry off the young kid one more season.  I seriously doubt there will be a Season 3, though.

I gave up on Manifest (which was cancelled) and Kidding (also cancelled) which wasn't anything like I expected.  It was more depressing than anything else.  I don't know if Million Different Things is still on, but it didn't get to me, so I never watched it.

God Friended Me turned out to be better than I expected and I am now a regular viewer.

One thing I like about Dish Network is that it's very easy to see which shows I am recording.  I got into Animal Planet last year and love Secrets of the Zoo, watching what goes on behind the scenes at a couple of zoos.  Really nice seeing how the caregivers feel about the animals an how well they are taken care of.

Finding Your Roots is back.  I love this genealogy show, but actually liked Who Do You Think You Are better, but that seems to have disappeared.  In the second show, the people did the research work themselves, in Finding your Roots, Henry Louis Gates and his crew do the research and present them with a book.  Still interesting.

Of course, This is Us, Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, and The Blacklist are on my DVR list again.  This is Us is my weekly catharsis!

I'm curious to see how Almost Family goes -- three women who discover that they are all fathered by the same man, a doctor who used his own sperm for artificial insemination.  I liked the first episode.

I haven't decided about Perfect Harmony yet.  A sort-a comedy about a former music professor who is about to commit suicide when he stumbles upon a church choir practicing Handel's Messiah...badly.  He can't help but take over and correct them.  We'll see where it goes.  The two episodes I saw, I liked.

Evil is another one I'll be curious to see if I stick with.  It is kind of the supernatural version of something like a detective series only instead of looking for criminal, they are checking the backlog of so called "miracles" of the Catholic church, demonic possessions, etc.  The first one was good.

I am also liking Bluff City Law, with Jimmy Smits, the young lawyer of L.A. Law now the older attorney trying to improve his relationship with his lawyer daughter, difficult to do since he has an illegitimate son working in his law office as well.

And of course, whether I want to or not, I am watching Survivor with Ned.  I watched the show for several years,  but then got bored with it, but Ned has watched it from Day 1 and insists that I watch it again.  Fun watching it with Ned.

With all the storage space on Dish, I pretty much record anything that looks mildly interesting, and record a lot of news shows that I may or not watch, but want to have the option.  My news recordings include Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, All in with Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, 11th Hour with Brian Williams, Meet the Press, This week with George Stephanopoulos, and CBS Sunday Morning.

Ned, like me, has the TV on all the time.  He doesn't watch NCIS or Criminal Minds reruns, but he thinks he has seen Breaking Bad 1000 times.  I have taken to watching reruns myself, while I'm working, since in 3 days the Breaking Bad  movie is going to start streaming and I'd like to remember what happened to give me a chance to keep up with what's going on.

They are predicting a possible power outage around here tomorrow for the next several days, since bad winds are predicted. 

Due to the forecasted extreme weather conditions, PG&E is considering proactively turning off power for safety, and implementing a Public Safety Power Shutoff, across portions of approximately 30 northern, central, coastal and Bay Area counties.

I think it unlikely Davis will be powerless, but whatever happens I hope we have power on October 11.  I think Ned will go nuts if he can't see the movie on its first day!


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