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8 October 2019

There are only two possibilities.  Either he truly is insane and has gone over the edge, or he actually has "great and unmatched wisdom" which has choreographed a massive two year media circus which has now turned from his crimes and misdemeanors to the potential murder of thousands of Kurds and threatened  to "obliterate and destroy" the economy of Turkey if he disapproves of whatever they do.

When you think of it, there has been a steady stream of headline-producing hitherto unimagined acts by this man, many of which cause busy work for the Democrats with committees, investigations, subpoenas and the like, which will all be ignored because the justice department isn't going to enforce anything.  There are so many incidents that have caused the media to go off the rails that we seem to have forgotten that the children we kidnapped have been in kiddie jail for more than a year now.  More than 400 days past the day when the courts ordered them to be reunited with their parents.  (Are we going to keep them there until they are 18 and then shove them, uneducated, out into the world to be deported back to a country they haven't seen throughout their childhood?)  Mothers have missed their babies' first steps, their first words,  their first solid foods.  Babies don't have a clue who their parents are.

The horrors of this administration are so numerous, in such a steady stream, that I am beginning to think that it was all a plot from the very first.  Appoint the most inappropriate people to high office so that when everyone is so fed up with their inabilities, he can demand their resignation and then install one of his cronies as a "temporary" who doesn't have to have congressional approval.

The man has perfected the art of distraction.  Make as many executive orders as he can which don't need congressional approval (latest is canceling green card eligibility for same gender partners of government employees) and while everyone is running around demanding paperwork which will never materialize (yeah, the judge says he has to turn over his tax returns--who is going to make him?  If he doesn't, what is the consequence?), interviewing people he has forbidden to speak, and everything else.

He must have incredible dirt on every Republican, who tacitly agrees with whatever he does, no matter how bizarre (though Moscow Mitch actually spoke out about withdrawal from Syria today.  Be still my heart! -- think maybe it's because his poll numbers have plummeted?)

He rails about impeachment but what does he care?  He knows if he is impeached by the House, the Republicans will never vote for it. 

How many more of our allies can he piss off?  How many more dictators can he buddy up to so he can give them whatever they want?  Chop up an American journalist?  Sure.  No problem.  Fire missiles over Japan?  Sure...I'm sure they're harmless and no potential for nuclear threat. 

And the thing that makes me literally sick to my stomach is something I do occasionally, but not too often because it makes me sick to my stomach, is Twitter responses to his outlandish tweets, which all center around what a wonderful president he is, how much everybody loves him and yes, of course, he should run for a third term as president--after all if those nasty Democrats impeach him, doesn't that negate his first term and don't they owe him a third?

In Sunday Stealing, since I post the original questions, I  try to read the entries of everyone who participates and make some comment about their answers.  One of the questions this week was to list 3 things that scare you and one person wrote "Democrats--really scary."  Obviously this person has no relative in Syria or child in prison for 400+ days.

I don't ever remember a time, even during the Bush administration, when I was actually ashamed of my country.  And I am very sad for Brianna and Lacie.  What will the world be like when they are my age?  And what are they being taught now??  Are they taught, like I was in school, that the president is a wonderful person whom we should admire?  Does his portrait hang in their classrooms?

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