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6 October 2019

Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves!



These are from Kwizgiver.  Thanks to The Gal Herself for the suggestion.




[ 15 things that make you smile ] -- Jeez, Kwiz/Gal -- 15????,
1. You Tube animal videos
2. that commercial with the baby and puppy playing hide and seek
3. sitting down to a meal that I didn't have to cook
4. beautiful sunsets
5. any view of the ocean
6. Randy Rainbow
7. Getting a personal mail (snail or e-)
8. The smell of something yummy cooking
9. waking up and realizing someone else has already made the coffee.
10. Jeri's daily text videos
11. Hearing from the grandkids, whether mail or video
12. My daughter-in-law's photos of the girls
13. Watching Walt and Polly -- so cute!
14. When/if my mother has a good day
15. Peach-Pear sparkling water

[ 14 things that make you frown ]
1. The nightly news
2. Any Trump meeting with the reporters
3. Sad memories
4. Learning the new Dish network
5. Morning aches and pains
6. My mother not knowing who I am
7. Heavy traffic
8. Bouncer's (Ned's dog) whining
9. Intelligent friends slavishly devoted to Trump
10. Prices at the supermarket
11. Bad acts on America's Greatest Talent
12. Wondering how to write a review of a not-good show
13. wondering how many "regulars" will actually do this Sunday Stealing
14. Trying to come up with answers to these questions!

[ 13 things you see every day ]
1. the dogs
2. Ned
3. Walt
4. Text messages from Jeri
5. the mailman
6. squirrels in the back yard
7. the mess in my office I'm supposed to be organizing
8. the "100!" puzzle on my cell phone
9. Bouncer's backside (she wants me to scratch her continuously)
10. Television
11. The coffee pot
12. boxes and boxes
13. My wonderful recliner

[ 12 things you have always wanted to try ]
I have occasionally thought of trying these things...could never do most of them because of (A) weight, (B) fear, (C) embarrassment, and now (D) age!
1. Zip lining looks like fun; I'd break the line.
2. Acting -- terrible stage fright (plus no talent)
3. Scary amusement park rides (terrified of them, but they look so much fun)
4. Horseback riding (did it a couple of times as a kid; wanted more)
5. Folk dancing (too embarrassed to be seen dancing)
6. Mountain climbing (my friend Kari Peterson made it look like such fun)
7. xx
8. xx
9. xx
10. xx
11. xx
12. xx

[ 11 objects that mean a lot to you ]
1. Delicate Pooh
2. Jack Point statue
3. My photo albums
4. My Kitchenaid mixer!  (40 years old and still used all the time)
5. My Instant pot
6. fans!  (electric and not)
7. Our special Christmas ornaments, especially the "necropsy ornaments."
8. My back scratcher (life is SO much more pleasant with it!)
9. My Kindle
10. Our San Francisco painting
11. The two Lamplighter histories

[ 10 places you have been ]
1. England
2. Ireland
3. Australia
4. France
5. China
6. Russia
7. Ukraine (yes, really!)
8. Germany
9. Italy

[ 9 of your favorite foods ]
1. Crab
2. Lamb
3. Cheesecake
4. Pies (especially pecan and pumpkin)
5. Fried chicken
6. Flautas
7. Guacamole
8. Chow mein
9. Pad Thai

[ 8 things you would rather be doing ]
1. visiting the grandkids

2. and actually, I can't think
3. of anything else I would
4. rather be doing.
6. xx
7. xx
8. xx

[ 7 things you would take to a deserted island ]
1. Flashlight and a lifetime supply of batteries
2. Lots and lots of water
3. A book on survival
4. magic internet connection
5. My kindle loaded with books
6. Flint (assuming I know how to make fire)
7. my glasses and a spare pair

[ 6 things you wish you never had to do ]
1. review bad shows
2. fold laundry
3. drive
4. attend the funeral of another loved one
5. answer robo calls
6. see #45 ever, ever again

[ 5 people that mean the world to you ]
1. Walt
2. Jeri and Phil
3. Ned and Marta
4. Tom, Laurel and the kids
5. My mother

[ 4 of your biggest fears ]
1. Dementia
2. Being incapacitated and needing help for everything
3. Freeway traffic (especially big trucks)
4. Something bad happening to someone I love
5. Falling again

[ 3 words to describe how you feel right now ]
1. Oh, a little frustrated trying to answer the longer questions
2. sleepy -- I need a nap
3. anticipating reviewing a show tonight

[ 2 things you're excited for ]
1. The upcoming Lamplighters Gala (October 20)
2. Our trip to Santa Barbara in November

[ 1 thing you want to say to someone ] 
To Kwizgiver and The Gal Herself...thanks a lot.  This was a killer!




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