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3 October 2019

Every so often over the last 10 years I get real gems in letters from my Compassion sponsored kids.  But this one may be my favorite so far.  This is from a 13 year old boy in Uganda:

I pray that the Lord who changed two eggs into two chickens change your family to the extent of being like home stay of heavens.

I think I go to see my mother these days for me, not for her because she doesn't know who I am or why I'm  there.  She was sitting at the table yesterday with her head in her hands.  She was irritated when I spoke to her and said hello, without any acknowledgement that I looked familiar.  She put her head back in her hands again and sat there for most of the half hour I was there. 

Sandy did get her to look up and out at the back yard briefly.  She smiled, but her head went back in her hands again.

She has a perennial drippy nose.  It's nothing bad, but she always has some fluid in her nose that she wipes away.  This has been for years, even before Atria.  She used to use a tissue, and she saves napkins for it.  This day she was using the sleeve of her shirt and Sandy gave her a tissue to use.

She wasn't certain what to do with it, though, and sat like this for awhile before she figured out she could use it to wipe her nose.

After she wiped her nose, she folded it up.  She has to make sure everything is neat and tidy.  "folding" the tissue was a major deal and she spent a lot of time making sure all the corners were square.

When I left, she wasn't really aware who I was or where I was going.  But I felt good having been there because the last thing I told her was that I loved her, whether she understood or not.  I would hope that when her time finally comes, that will be the last thing she will have heard from me.

I do sometimes get irritated with Sandy, who seems to want to assure me that they are doing everything the best for her.  Her condition today was probably caused by new medication they started because her OCD, needing to clean everything constantly, was getting out hand.  It worked and they are cutting back the med now because they don't want her to be drugged, but merely to be behave more reasonably.

But as we talked about and not about my mother, I realized what a job it must be the be the one in charge at Eldervilla.  Sometimes there is a caregiver there plus Sandy, but often it's just either Sandy or one of the caregivers.  All day.  Think how lonely that must be!  The ladies mostly just lie in their beds or sit in the living room and they all have dementia.  So I think Sandy was happy to have someone to talk with.  We talked about going  to college in India and how kids choose either math, science or arts by the time they get into college and then all of their course are in that genre.  I remember someone telling me it's like that in Germany too.  None of this waiting for two years to decide what your major is going to be, like we have here.


I stopped on the way home to take this picture at a
pumpkin patch, which had just opened.

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