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2 October 2019

We were big Brady Bunch fans.  Well the kids were, so by default I was too.  The Brady Bunch has been on TV lately because someone has bought the house that was used for the exterior of the show and remodeled the inside so it looks like the Brady set.  I've seen the cast interviewed on a couple of shows and the Pioneer Woman even filmed her recent program from the house, as star struck about it as we would be if we were there.

With the resurgence of the Brady Bunch, they are showing some of the better known clips on TV.  This one was always a favorite...

On Monday I was looking at the box of apples that I still hadn't used and thought I needed to do something with them before they were unusable.  I realized that on Tuesday Marta would not be here for dinner because she had a meeting to attend.  Marta doesn't like pork or lamb so if we are going to have either, we have them on Tuesday.  I figured that I could cook pork chops and applesauce, my salute to The Brady Bunch

There were still a few apples left on the tree, so Ned got them picked, I peeled and sliced them all and got them into the Instant Pot and within 15 minutes we had apple sauce.  Then I found a pork chop recipe which promised that the chops would NOT be dry, which they usually are.  Better yet, the recipe called for fresh rosemary, and Ned has a big rosemary plant out in the back yard.

So we had such a good dinner.  The chops were juicy and flavorful, the applesauce was without sugar and tasted great--and the apples are now gone.

(I also made a carrot and raisin salad, so it was a very healthy meal.)  Note also the absence of BOXES.  Ned worked hard yesterday and cleared away all the boxes that have been on and around the table for weeks!  Yay!

I'll tell ya, having Ned here has made my days so much better.  For years I woke up every morning and the very first thought was the depressing thought that I had to figure out what to cook for dinner...and then cook it.  Home Chef was great, but by the time dinnertime came around the very last thing I wanted to do was cook.

Now Ned and I share cooking.  We each cook every other day or so, and on the days when I don't have to cook, it's delightful waking up and not having to plan a dinner, which gives me a whole day to plan a meal for the next night.  And with Ned doing the mis en place for me each night (chopping all the small stuff), I just cook the main dish and add all his choped stuff.  It has made cooking fun again.  I love it.

And today is a good day because it's his day to cook!


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