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1 October 2019

Wow.  It's October already.  An anti-climactic month, with no 100th birthday to look forward to!

It's pumpkin month.  Pumpkins everywhere, Halloween costumes and bagged candy to stock up for the 31st.  Halloween, as I have said before, is not my favorite holiday.  I enjoyed dressing up as a kid because we got that free ice cream cone at Swenson's for anyone who showed up in costume.  Either pumpkin of licorice ice cream.  I always had pumpkin.

I can't remember if I enjoyed trick or treating.  Trick or treating is difficult in San Francisco, where you are surrounded by apartment buildings, not individual houses.  I can't believe we went to many places...and I'm sure I was uncomfortable ringing bells because I was so shy.

It was fun when the kids were little.  I enjoyed putting them in costumes (my favorite was Tom's "diaper man," when all the kids were super heroes and he was a toddler) and we lived where there were houses so we went with them trick or treating.  And then, because they were so young, I got to sort through their candy and take out my favorites.  Unfortunately they figured that out as they got older.

But I hated the holiday also.  All that candy from five trick or treaters and what can you allow them to eat?  I think we let them eat all they wanted for two days and then discarded it.  I couldn't handle carefully doling out a little at a time over the next couple of weeks.

Pumpkins were more fun than candy, of course.  I've told the story of Charlotte and me making pumpkin pies just for the heck of it.  Neither of us had a freezer, so we made all the pies we could out of the biggest pumpkins we could buy and then go around the neighborhood giving them to neighbors.  Best was when char flipped a pie, getting into the car.  It landed pumpkin side down on the grass and a man walking by said he'd take it.

Of course the best pumpkin pie day was the day we made little pies for the kids to all throw at each other.  David was the baby then.  We took video, of course.

In Davis, the trick or treating was good.  Paul's 2nd grade teacher, who lived near us, always gave away full size Snickers bars.  The kids were on to me and I was never able to snitch one of those!

When the kids got older here, we decorated the house so it was spooky to come and get candy.  I think that was only a couple of years, but it was fun.  But after the kids moved and it was just Walt and me, it was more trouble than it was worth to do trick or treating.  With dogs at the door, it was a hassle and we had no gates to keep them from rushing at the door, so we just turned off the lights and have not trick or treated in several years.

But with Ned here, I suspect we will be doing Halloween again.  Of course now there aren't many kids trick or treating.  T he sick-os who put poison or razors in treats have changed Halloween.  Now trick or treating is downtown to  businesses and any celebrating done at school, not on the streets.

Still there are a few traditionalists who come with their parents, so we'll stock up on candy and eat the leftovers on November 1.



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