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November 29, 2019

It was a beautiful day in our neighborhood yesterday.

After our lovely Thanksgiving breakfast, we were headed to Sacramento to see

Marta, appalled that we had never seen a movie in one of the fancy new theaters, decided we should see it in Sacramento.  First, we stocked up on popcorn.

Oh my was it comfortable!  We were in reclining chairs, which  was just like seeing the movie from my recliner at home.

(And yes, we finished all the popcorn.)

What a wonderful movie.  Low key, like Mister Rogers, no CGI and a tear-jerker.  Hanks does such a good job as Fred Rogers that by the end of the movie I actually forgot what the real Fred Rogers looked like.

It's not really the story of Fred Rogers but of Esquire reporter Tom Junod and how meeting Rogers changed his life.  According to the reviews, much of the story is fictitious, though a lot of it is true...and Junod and Rogers became lifelong friends after the article was written in 1998.

Our plan had been to come home, have hors d'oeuvres and then turkey sandwiches (I cooked a turkey breast the day before).  Marta made stuffed mushrooms and a delicious thing with bri and cranberry sauce.  Ned made potato puffs.   There was paté and crackers.  By the time we finished the hors d'oeuvres (and all that popcorn), nobody wanted turkey sandwiches, so we went to the mini pumpkin pies I'd made and decided to have the turkey in the morning.  (I had made a regular pie, though, and Walt and I had pieces of that later).

Ned and Marta went upstairs and I stayed up watching the recording of the National Dog Show (disappointed that the Golden Retriever didn't win Best in Show) and a few episodes of Outlander that had been recording all day.

It was definitely a different Thanksgiving, but somehow it seemed just right.


How I  remember my mother---always with apples in her lap,
getting ready to make an apple pie.

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