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November 21, 2019

Ned went off to Tahoe in the morning.  There has been some work done to our condo (which we share with everyone else in the family--it belonged to Walt's mother) and Alice Nan wanted someone to go and check on it.  Ned and Bouncer headed off to spend the day there.

Walt went to breakfast with a friend and then to a meeting in Sacramento with a colleague and I thought he was going to the opera in San Francisco at night (turns out he's going tonight instead).

And of course, Marta  was at work

So I had the house all to myself for the whole day, and what did I do?

I spent the entire day watching the impeachment hearings...and then at night I watched the democratic debate.  I am politicked up the wazoo.  I am finding the impeachment hearings very depressing as the extent and depth of the corruption in the Trump administration just gets more and more clear...but even more depressing is the attitude of the Republicans, who are finding this whole thing a joke.  I don't know how they can live with themselves for remaining Trump toadies.

And Trump can't keep his fingers off his phone.  He has attempted to intimidate two witnesses while they were testifying and referred to all the Democrats as "human scum."

How can we possibly teach our children that the President is a person to be revered?

And then there is Senator Nunes (R Calif), who claims this whole thing is a lie, a fantasy made up by the Democrats, and that there is nothing worth considering whatsoever.

I am shopping for a Nunes voodoo doll.

While there were no "winners" in the debate, I was most impressed by how it was conducted.  The four reporters each took turns asking questions, kept each candidate to their time limit and asked far-reaching questions so rather than this be a 2 hour discussion of health care, it covered all topics from the impeachment hearings to foreign policies.  Hard to do with ten candidates, but I thought it was the best of the debates I've watched thus far.

And today there is another impeachment hearing.....

Interesting that former senator Claire McCaskill (D. Missouri) has now joined the NBC news team and I was wondering how long it would be before they stopped calling her "Senator McCaskill" and started calling her "Claire," but she has been part of the impeachment analysis and is finally just plain Claire.

In going through old stuff I found the above picture.  I thought it was probably my godmother's husband (who died before I was born), but when I read the back it says that it is "James Lackie, step-father of Pearl Legler."  I had no idea that my grandmother had a stepfather.  I only remember seeing her mother twice and never her father, and she never talked about her family -- ever.  I knew she had a brother, but I knew nothing about him.  Even Ancestry.com probably would not find this guy, since he was just a stepfather, and thus no blood relative, but interesting that here is a "great grandparent"

This week I need to have Ned help me with scrapbooks.  They are all wonderfully neatly placed on a shelf where I cannot reach them.  I need his help getting the older ones out since I have an idea for December journal entries and I need to find a bunch of photos.



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